Trump Hater SUCKER-PUNCHES Old WHITE Trump Supporter In Face, Then All HELL BREAKS LOOSE [VID]

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As you know, Donald Trump’s rallies are being crashed by violent left-wing lunatics that are being paid by far left organizations. These protests are being organized by, #BlackLivesMatter, Communists and other socialist trash.

Here we have video of a Trump hater slugging an old white guy in the face, all because he wants to make America great again.

This is unbelievable. The good thing is that this liberal scumbag got a nice dose of instant justice, courtesy of a Trump supporter!

Check it out!

Video courtesy YouTube derek94gt

Video via Rebel Pundit

Here’s another take!

What a scumbag liberal hag. Who in their right mind would associate with that pig?

Americans have the right to choose the candidate that they feel would make the best president.

Regardless. What we see above is just sick, and it’s not the fault of any GOP presidential candidate – it’s the fault of Obama and the far-left,

who want this type of behavior. These people are animals. Scumbags. Terrorists.

These braindead libs are in for a rude awakening.

We are the sleeping giant. We are the warriors and we will FIGHT TO THE FINISH!

We are not intimidated by ANY of the filthy far left groups.

Black lives matter? A bunch of sniveling welfare leeches and useless garbage. Go ahead and burn down your ghettos. I couldn’t give a crap. Come to my town and start that sh#t and then you will get a life lesson your mama or dad, (if you had one) should have taught you a long, long time ago.

No leftist group can come close to bringing us patriots down- there’s just no possibility.

We are millions strong and we are superior inside and out.

God Bless.

(h/t GP)


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