BREAKING: Trump Just Made BOMBSHELL Announcement About Who Will Head His ILLEGAL ALIEN Deportation Team- This Is HUGE




The architect of Arizona’s SB 1070 which is considered to be among the strictest anti-illegal-immigration laws passed in recent history, has joined President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, and both illegal aliens and their liberal supporters are terrified.

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is one of the nation’s leading immigration hard-liners.


“I’m a member of the immigration policy transition team, and there’s going to be a lot to do there, in part because Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama are diametrical opposites when it comes to immigration policy, so there will be a lot of changes,” Kobach told Wichita news station KWCH last week.

While this is horrifying news for illegals, it is exactly what law abiding Americans who believe in national sovereignty and rule of law love to hear.

Kobach reportedly has no patience for deferred deportations and/or amnesty.


According to The Washington Post, Kobach has been described by critics as an “anti-immigrant zealot” and a favorite of “far-right nativists.” A graduate of Harvard, Yale and Oxford, he has helped shepherd dozens of restrictive immigration measures at the state and local levels across the country and is known for his affiliation with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the group behind Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law.

While serving as an adviser to 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Kobach told The Washington Post he opposed any attempt to give undocumented immigrants a path to legal status. He wants those who are in the United States illegally to voluntarily deport themselves.

“We are constantly told that the only two options are massive roundups [of illegal immigrants] or an amnesty. But attrition through enforcement is the third way,” Kobach said in 2012. “Change the individual decisions of particular illegal aliens, and they will decide to leave the country.”

Kobach is also heavily involved in the movement to require photo identification — his preference is proof of citizenship — at the polls or to register to vote. (A federal appeals court struck down a proof-of-citizenship requirement in three states in September, a blow to Kobach, who had defended it in court.) He was also behind a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive action on immigration and an addition to the GOP platform that encouraged the teaching of the Bible in public schools.

My good friend and AFF contributor V. Saxena at Conservative Tribune has this:

The guy did not play any games about his fierce beliefs, and as a result liberals were in a tizzy whining over his allegedly “extremist” views, with the leftists at the Daily Kos blog going so far as to accuse him of having authored America’s “racist law.”

Except that there was nothing remotely racist about SB 1070, which did nothing more than grant police officers the right to question a suspect’s immigration status. Considering how many illegal immigrants were hiding out in Arizona, the law seemed plenty fair.

The fact is that Kobach is neither a racist nor an extremist; he is a man who believes in the law — namely the law that says it is illegal and thus a criminal act for a foreign citizen to cross over into America without proper permission.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Let us know what you think of Trump’s choice in the comments below!

God Bless. 


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