Trump JUST Did It… WHOA!

PRESIDENT TRUMP Issues Statement On ELECTION FRAUD INVESTIGATION: “The American People Deserve An Answer Now!”


All of you know the 2020 Presidential election was rigged and riddled with fraud.

Dead voters, people voting more than once, faulty voting machines, mysterious boxes found, actual video footage of fraudulent activities in the polling stations and the list goes on and on.

America’s Freedom Fighters have tons of articles that prove there was massive fraud.

One of the greatest leaders in the media covering the massive fraud is Jim Hoft and his crew at The Gateway Pundit.

Nearly two months ago, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich received all the evidence needed to arrest those accountable, TGP reported today.

The auditors even provided video footage of individuals deleting election data before the federally mandated 22-month election record retention period was over.

The Gateway Pundit reported that nearly 700,000 ballots are now in question after the full forensic audit and independent canvass of Maricopa County revealed elections laws violations, missing chain of custody, missing or unverified signatures on mail-in envelopes, internet connectivity within the Elections Management Server (another law violation) and incredible opposition to transparency from the County.

This kind of garbage happened all over the country for God’s sake!

President Trump issued a statement today:

“The great Patriots of Arizona are anxiously awaiting the Attorney General’s review of the large-scale Election Fraud that took place during the 2020 Presidential Election. The findings of the Forensic Audit Report were clear and conclusive. The results from the Congressional Election Integrity hearing that just took place in Washington D.C., upon cross-examination, were devastating to the other side. The Arizona Legislature (and other states!) should, at a minimum, decertify the Election. The American people deserve an answer now!”

Look, there is no way that Biden beat Trump. Period.

Now look at our country! Biden has all but destroyed it in less than a year.

This election should be overturned and Trump should be in The White House.

Instead we have an incompetent DEMENTED pile of garbage.



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God Bless.

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