ALERT: President Trump Just Took The Election To Another Level… DEMOCRATS ARE SCREWED!!!


President Donald Trump has already declared victory in the election and says he’s going to have to take the decision to the Supreme Court. “Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump said.


Remember, Trump just appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett who Nancy Pelosi has called an “illegitimate justice.” This election battle has only just begun. Bringing the Supreme Court into it when democrats are declaring a justice illegitimate is going to ignite more chaos than we could imagine. A decision by the Supreme Court won’t even be accepted, and that’s become obvious. This is not the first time Trump has said the election will be decided by the Supreme court either.

Trump also said that “fraud” is underway to steal the victory away from him and added that he will ask the Supreme Court to protect the integrity of the process. The incumbent president spoke early Wednesday morning at the White House, claiming victory in several states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, where the media has so far not projected a win for either candidate, according to a report by RT. 

In the end, it really doesn’t matter who is declared the winner.  Neither side will accept a loss and a contested election and the promised chaos will ensue. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, deep down, you know this is a fact.

“So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation, this is a very big moment. This is a major fraud on our nation. We want the law to be used in the proper manner,” Trump said. “So we will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list. OK? It’s a very sad, it’s a very sad moment.”

From The Federalist Papers:

As the Daily Wire reported, he highlighted his campaign’s stunning victory in Florida but made sure to talk about the battleground state of Pennsylvania, which suddenly stopped counting votes, which happened to occur at roughly the time Trump appeared to be taking a solid lead.

“And all of a sudden everything just stopped,” Trump said. “This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country.”

It was the same sentiment that was running rampant across social media channels with thousands of Trump supporters, who all had the sickening feeling that there were nefarious forces at play, behind the scenes.

As the votes are being counted, Joe Biden so far remains in the lead. But remember:

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”― Joseph Stalin

This election is filled with blatant corruption that will unfortunately not be reported by the mainstream media.


Portions of this article came from Mac Slavo at and was republished with permission.

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