With the barrage of accusations against Bill Clinton with people showing up on news publications yelling, “Bill is a rapist” and shouting much the same at rallies and speaking engagements for Hillary’s presidential bid, Bill’s victims continue to speak out and be a force to be reckoned with.  Bill Clinton has also been linked to registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

No matter how much the Hillary campaign would like for these accusations and misdeeds to disappear there is just quite literally so much info, so many victims, and the Clintons flagrant abuses of power so numerous it has simply been impossible. Well, what do you do when you can’t make something disappear? You villainize your opponent and make his behavior appear to be so heinous as to overshadow that which you are trying to hide or separate yourself from.  It appears that such is the case with the supposed child rape case against Donald Trump.


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This case is a favorite of leftists and NeverTrumpers and Hillary supporters everywhere to bring forth and wave around as if to say – “SEE! Your candidate is just as bad as my candidate but he involved a child so that makes him WORSE!” Except does it really?  Does this case have any basis in fact at all?  Let’s take a look shall we —


Rumors began to circulate in April of 2016 that Trump had been sued for raping a teenage girl with the earliest known version of the rumor being published on 5/2/2016 on a leftist leaning site called Winning DemocratsThe site reported that a woman using the name of Katie Johnson named Trump in a $100 million lawsuit along with billionaire and known sexual deviant Jeffery Epstein filed on April 26, 2016, accusing them of having solicited sex acts from her at sex parties held at the Manhattan homes of Epstein and Trump back in 1994 when Johnson was 13 yrs old.


A couple of things first – the filing of a lawsuit means nothing, not one thing at all.  Anyone can file a lawsuit for any reason. Then it is set for hearing and a judge can dismiss the case if he feels it has no merits.   Johnson filed this suit herself in California.  The case was dismissed on April 26, 2016, because the address listed in the court documents was an abandoned property. Then on May 2, a U.S. District judge ordered the entire lawsuit thrown out. California wasn’t having it so they refiled the case in New York State Federal Court on June 20, 2016.

From Hillary cheerleader and leftist leaning site Politico

U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee dismissed that case in May, ruling that Johnson’s complaint didn’t raise valid claims under federal law. Gee, an appointee of President Barack Obama, noted that the suit cited a criminal statute that doesn’t give rise to civil damages and that the civil statute Johnson cited only applies to actions based on “race-based or class-based animus.”

Another version of the suit was filed in federal court in June, but withdrawn in September after apparently never being served on the defendants.

The case was refiled later that month.

The second and third iterations of the complaint accused Trump of only a single act of rape, but said he had “sexual contact” with the accuser on three other occasions. A declaration from an anonymous witness attached to the later suits continued to accuse Trump of four acts of rape or sexual assault.

The New York case has an issue regarding the statute of limitations. The alleged incident taking place 20 years prior.  The suit claims that that statute of limitations should be waived because Johnson claims that she was scared. Has anyone bothered to ask why she’s not scared now 20 years later? What changed? Why is she less fearful now than she was 5 yrs after the event within the statute of limitations? Or even 10 years or 15 years ago after the incident? What changed other than Trump is now running for president?  Also worthy to note, this woman speaks of 4 parties and each one it is alleged a rape took place. All were separate occasions. If you had been sexually assaulted and were as fearful as this woman claims to be, why would you continue to go to parties where you knew you were going to be abused?

Now here’s where it gets REALLY interesting, as of Wednesday, November 4, 2016, Trump’s accuser has AGAIN dropped a federal lawsuit over these alleged assaults.

Again from Politico

The accuser’s lead attorney, Thomas Meagher of New Jersey, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. He filed a one-page notice dismissing the case Friday evening in federal court in Manhattan. No explanation was given for the action.

Bloom did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.

Through his attorney, Trump had flatly denied the woman’s allegations.

“It is categorically untrue. It is completely frivolous. It is baseless. It is irresponsible,” Trump attorney Alan Garten told POLITICO in September. “I won’t even discuss the merits because it gives it credibility that it doesn’t deserve.”

Interesting to note one of the claims made in the California lawsuit was that Johnson tried to claim pauper status and get out of paying the costs of litigation. Well, filing a lawsuit three times in two different states entails court costs, filing fees, and the lawsuit also must be served by a process server.  That also costs money and none of it is cheap. Saying it costs roughly $400 to file a lawsuit and each one costs the same amount – that’s $1,200 within 2 months and that’s not taking into account a process server or the cost to file any additional documents in the suits. Has anyone considered where this money is being bankrolled from for a supposed pauper claiming to the courts that she had just $300 to her name? Never mind that Thomas Meagher of New Jersey is a PATENT LAWYER – how or why is he handling a rape case?

The entire thing seems fishy to me, designed as a means to discredit Trump as a viable contender for the Presidency by the Hillary campaign who is KNOWN for this sort of behavior.

God Bless.



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