BREAKING News From TRUMP! Makes Prediction And It Is NOT Good- *RED ALERT*- Everyone Needs To See THIS!


We all are experiencing the rapid destruction of America under Demented Biden and the Socialist/ Democrats and frankly it’s scary.


President Donald Trump see’s what’s going on and is extremely concerned about our ability to withstand this attack on our country for 3 1/2 more years.

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So will he run in 2024?


We hope so.

Trump has dropped some hints that he will run but hasn’t made a commitment.


The National Sentinel has more:

Only, what he said on Thursday makes us believe he is not only in, but he feels the same desperation as we do.

Maybe more so, given that, as a past president, he’s seen the horror show that is our deep state from the inside.

The Federalist Papers has more:

President Joe Biden is damaged goods.

In just eight short months, his policy decisions and his poor judgment have left the United States weaker, poorer, and diminished our standing in the world.

From his de facto open border policy in the south to his foolish decision to abandon Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and then to pull American troops out of the country before American citizens, our Afghan allies and our military equipment, he has caused inestimable harm to the United States.

It’s likely that no individual sees this more clearly than former President Donald Trump. He has to be horrified by Biden’s reversal of nearly all of his administration’s policies and gains.

Newsmax host Sean Spicer, who served as a Trump White House communications director and press secretary, interviewed his former boss on Tuesday night by telephone.

Trump told Spicer and co-host Lyndsay Keith, ‘Our country has gone really downhill in the last eight months, like nobody’s ever seen before. And you go to these elections that are coming up in ’22 and ’24, we’re not going to have a country left in three years, I’ll tell you that.’

Hyperbole? Maybe; Trump’s prone to that, at times.

But the man is also incredibly honest and straightforward with We the People, and he obviously sees major danger signs.

Inflation. An open border. A belligerent China. A disrespected United States. Supply chain issues. A massive partisan divide in the country and the list goes on.

Yeah, we could see it all coming to an end, and soon.

Maybe Trump’s right.


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God Bless.

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