WATCH: President Trump Sees Marine Having Trouble Before Boarding Marine One- Immediately Starts RUNNING Down Runway

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WASHINGTON — President Trump came to the rescue after a windy day on the tarmac cause a Marine’s white cap to fly off of his head. 

The president stopped to pick the cap off the ground as he walked to Marine One at Joint Base Andrews.

Trump then put the cap back on the Marine’s head and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder.

How awesome!

But the wind, possible compounded by the helicopter propellers blew the hat back off so Trump chased after the hat but lets the other military man place it squarely on the Marine’s head.

Before Trump boards the helicopter, he pats the Marine once more on the side.

Take a look at this footage!

How great is that?

Could you imagine Obama doing that? Yeah me neither.

Obama makes Marines stand in the rain holding an umbrella over his Kenyan melon.

Remember this?

What a filthy, pompous pile of Muslim garbage that ahole is. No respect at all.

Thank God we have a president that LOVES and RESPECTS our military heroes and loves our country.

God Bless.

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