BREAKING: Trump Just Released EXACTLY How He’ll MAKE Mexico Pay For Wall… Make This Go VIRAL

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Illegal immigration and building the wall between the U.S. and Mexico have been hot issues for the GOP frontrunner with many people saying that it can’t be done.

Donald also said he’ll make Mexico pay for it which ticked the Mexican government off.

In a two-page memo to The Washington Post, Trump outlined for the first time how he would seek to force Mexico to pay for his 1,000-mile border fence, which Trump has made a cornerstone of his presidential campaign and which has been repeatedly scoffed at by current and former Mexican leaders.

In the memo, Trump said he would threaten to change a rule under the USA Patriot Act anti-terrorism law to cut off a portion of the funds sent to Mexico through money transfers, commonly known as remittances. The threat would be withdrawn if Mexico made “a one-time payment of $5-10 billion” to pay for the border wall, he wrote.

“It’s an easy decision for Mexico,” Trump said in the memo, on campaign stationery emblazoned with “TRUMP Make America Great Again!”


According to the Post, Mexicans living outside their home country sent roughly $25 billion home in 2015. Trump writes in the memo that “the majority of that amount comes from illegal aliens.” However, the Post notes the $25 billion includes cash from all over the world – not solely from the United States.

Economists told the Post that this flow of cash is vital for the Mexican economy.

The memo also suggests increased trade tariffs, visa cancellations and increasing border-crossing card fees could help aid in the plan to make Mexico pay for the wall.

Trump has predicted the border wall would cost roughly $8 billion.

We need a smart, powerful leader like Donald Trump more than ever.

Vote for Trump and let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God Bless.

(h/t Breitbart)


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