BREAKING: Trump Releases Plan To BAN MUSLIMS- Obama FURIOUS, Here’s What We Know

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President Trump is taking care of business in his first couple days and frankly, liberals are absolutely freaking out! 

Trump is taking strong measures to make America safe which is something that liberals should be thankful for but of course they aren’t- but who gives a crap about them?!?

The president is ordering the U.S. government to stop accepting Syrian refugees and suspend the issuing of visas to people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, according to a draft executive order obtained by the Associated Press.

This is fantastic news. The refugee program under Barack Hussein Obama, who himself is a devout Muslim has resulted in rapes, deaths and has cost BILLIONS of dollars.

The president has put a halt to visas for people from terrorism hot-spots including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen.

President Trump is expected to sign the order this week and it can’t come soon enough.

President Trump will reportedly order Homeland Security and State Department officials, along with the director of national intelligence, to review what information the government needs to fully vet would-be visitors and come up with a list of countries that don’t provide it, Fox reports.

These countries will have 60 days to begin providing this information or citizens from those countries will NOT be allowed to enter the United States.

Under the Obama regime, the vetting process has been recklessly lax and has allowed terrorists to infiltrate our country.

Those days are gone, my friends.

Trump is also asking that officials from the departments of State and Defense to start drafting plans for ‘safe zones’ in and around Syria which would keep these people where they belong.

The good news is that President Trump has the authority to determine how many refugees are accepted annually and he can suspend the program at any time.

Last year Obama brought in 84,995 refugees, including 12,587 people from Syria.

Obama planned on allowing at least 110,000 more refugees into America this year.

That is NOT going to happen folks!

That number will be cut to 50,000 under the Trump administration and that number could be slashed, depending on the results of the probe into the program.

We can also expect that the number of Christian refugees allowed into the country will dramatically increase.

Obama primarily permitted Muslims, while refusing Christians.

Folks, I’m sure you are as excited as I am about how President Trump is aggressively tackling the vital issues America has been forced to deal with thanks to Hussein Obama.

God Bless.

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