BREAKING: Trump Just Delivered DEVASTATING News To Michelle Obama- Liberals FURIOUS


It looks like Michelle Obama’s filed “healthy lunch” program will finally get tossed to the curb- and kids across America couldn’t be happier! 

Our children have been forced to eat what some would compare to pig slop and it turns out that it was a big fat FRAUD!


There was NOTHING healthy about this government controlled crappy program!

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Now that the Obamas’ are just a foul memory, the Trump administration is undoing as much of the carnage that Obama has left behind and it looks like Michelle’s healthy school lunch program is on the chopping block.


Fox News reports that a document released by the office of Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., called for repealing certain aspects of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 – the legislation that helped put Michelle Obama’s hallmark program into law. The initiative is part of a broader plan released by Meadows titled, “First 100 Days: Rules, Regulations, and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue.”

The document calls for the Trump administration to reverse nearly 200 rules and regulations, including the requirements of the 2010 law.


“The regulations have proven to be burdensome and unworkable for schools to implement,” reads a related report from the House Freedom Caucus, of which Meadows is a member. “Schools are throwing food away that students are not eating.”

Since 2012, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has implemented the requirement – tied to the 2010 law – that schools include either a fruit or vegetable for lunches subsidized by the federal government. However, a report published in August 2015 by researchers at the University of Vermont found even though students added more fruits and vegetables to their plates, “children consumed fewer [fruits and vegetables] and wasted more during the school year immediately following implementation of the USDA rule.”

These kids have been tossing this garbage where it belongs- in the TRASH! 

Titled “Impact of the National School Lunch Program on Fruit and Vegetable Selection,” the report noted that average waste increased from a quarter cup to more than one-third of a cup per tray. Observing students at two northeastern elementary schools during more than 20 visits to each, researchers took photos of students’ trays after they chose their items, as they were exiting the lunch line and again as they went by the garbage cans.

Further, since the restrictions on calories, fat, sugar, sodium, whole grains, fruits and vegetables went into effect, it is estimated that over 1.2 million students have stopped eating school lunches, according to School systems also dropped out of the program because it led in some cases to compliance costs exceeding the amount of federal subsidies received.

According the education news site, some schools had to get creative in disposing of the food waste, feeding leftovers to pigs and other animals at nearby farms.

So, we can all celebrate the end to yet another one of Obama’s failures.

What a freaking mess.

God Bless.

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