Trump Operative TARGETED In ASSASSINATION Attempt- Here’s What We Know


Is The Deep State Trying To Kill Off Trump Supporters Before They Can Speak Out?

One of the most controversial figures in Republican politics is speaking out following a vicious hit and run that left the car he was in totaled.  Roger Stone, an early supporter of Donald Trump and frequent flyer on InfoWars and other new media outlets is suggesting that the crash was not a simple motor vehicle mishap.  Instead, he claims that the crash could have been more properly described as an attack–a deliberate attempt to assassinate him.

Stone is controversial for a number of reason.  He got his start working as a low-ranking operative in the Nixon administration but quickly gained notoriety as a political consultant and climbed the ladder until he was part of Reagan’s campaign.  While under Reagan, he was accused of acting as a political bagman for Nixon–someone that transfers funds from one source to another in exchange for an illicit service.  The claim is laughable and one that Stone, who was 19 at the time, has denied.  Stone isn’t the one to avoid controversy–especially not when it can help him sell a book–so I believe him.

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The point is that as early as 1982, Stone was in a prominent enough position to have opponents putting a target on his back.  His relationship with President Trump dates back to 1979 when the pair was introduced through Roy Cohn.  To further highlight Stone’s prominence, here’s how the Washington Post describes him:


Stone, 59, was one of the most sought-after party insiders back in the day: He worked for Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President and administration (and has a tattoo of Nixon on his back), Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign, teamed up with famed political consultant Lee Atwater and had a hand in the 2000 Florida recount circus. He is famous for his political aphorisms (“Stone’s Rules”): “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

A Young Roger Stone Meets With Reagan

Back to the issue at hand.  Stone claims that he can tie the Russian hacking directly to Hillary Clinton and absolve Trump of any wrongdoing.  Further, he claims that he can prove some of this due to the fact that Stone himself was the target of some of the surveillance done on Trump Tower. Why? Because of his communications with the entity that hacked the DNC server:

Private messages between President Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone and an entity implicated in the Democratic National Committee hack may have been discovered by the U.S. government during the course of a broader probe targeting the Republican strategist’s personal communications, Mr. Stone alleged Wednesday.
Mr. Stone told The Washington Times on Wednesday that he believes his telephone and internet conversations were accessed by the U.S. government in accordance with a warrant issued under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a federal law that lets investigators eavesdrop on “agents of foreign power” and their activities.
The Smoking Gun reported first last week that Mr. Stone, 64, swapped private Twitter messages in 2016 with “Guccifer 2.0,” a persona directly involved in last year’s historic DNC hack and widely believed to be a front deployed by Russian military intelligence. Mr. Stone later provided copies of those conversations to The Times, but defended the interactions as “completely innocuous.”


As for the hit and run?  Well if Stone does know something and is able to prove it he would be a prime target for an assassination.  But, truth be told, this isn’t his first claim of being the victim of a near-miss hit-job.  With that said, the driver of the vehicle Stone was in claims that the hit and run seemed to be deliberate:

Kakanis said he believed the car that hit him – a gray, four-door sedan with tinted windows – did so deliberately.

And Washington Post Confirms some other weird details as well:

The driver of the struck vehicle, John Kakanis, confirmed to CBS4 that Stone was in the passenger’s seat. A witness, Ron Snowden, also told the Miami news station that he saw a man who resembled Stone at the scene. The Post that his suspicions were also aroused because the hit-and-run occurred on the same day that “the ranking Democrat called for me to testify before an inquiry into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.” The House Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), said he was alarmed by Stone’s Twitter correspondence with hacker Guccifer 2.0, CNN reported Wednesday.

You have to admit that some of this just sounds a little too fishy and it might have some truth to it.  Let’s hope Stone is given the chance to tell his story.  In the meantime, stay vigilant!

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