BREAKING: Trump Is PISSED OFF! Issues BRUTAL Threat To Republicans They CAN’T Ignore

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POTUS Fires A Warning Shot To Disloyal Republicans!

Trump took to Twitter this morning to comment on one of the most right-wing and persistent GOP caucuses in the House: The Freedom Caucus.

“They Will Hurt The Entire Republican Party”

“We must fight them,” the president tweeted around 9 AM Thursday morning.

The caucus consists of 36 members that became a formidable force after exerting their collective influence against Boehner prompting the former speaker to resign.

The alternative center-right coalition is known as the Tuesday Group.  The Tuesday Group also pulled their support from the health care proposal backed by the president.  This caucus includes roughly 50 members.  The lists of both groups are secret and there has yet to be a full list announced of either of them.

This makes handling the problems that arise from their radical opposition rather difficult.  The president has seemingly chosen to focus on the Freedom Caucus and that might end up being a tactical error.  Frankly, both opaque organizations are a threat to his agenda since they oppose different portions of it and are refusing to meet with one another to negotiate. Not a good state of affairs.

It’s this pundits opinion that both of these organizations should reveal a full list of their names and let Americans see who and what votes they have made in the past.  That will enable us to understand why and how they arrived at those decisions – I am sure the money-trail is illuminating.

Hopefully there will be more progress on the side of tax reform. We will see.

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