WATCH: Trump Brings Rally To A SUDDEN Halt, INSTANTLY Leaves Stage… Here’s The Reason Why

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Donald Trump halted his campaign rally in North Carolina on Monday night to call on medical assistance for his supporter.

While criticizing his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, he noticed a woman near the front of the crowd had fallen ill.

“Could we have a doctor, please?” the GOP nominee said,  pointing to the crowd.

“Thank you, doctor,” Trump said as another person in the crowd member moved in the direction he pointed. “It is about a hundred degrees in here, folks, so — we love our supporters, right? Let’s give her a hand!”

He then asked his staffers to get some water for the woman.

“Take your time, don’t worry. We have all the time, right?” he said to the crowd as they applauded in response.

“Mr. President!” someone yelled from the audience.

Trump then left the stage to check on the woman as she left the crowd.  Upon returning to the stage, Trump thanked the woman for her support.

“That’s a great supporter, an unbelievable person, been here for a long time, and I just want to thank you,” he said. “Whether it was a supporter or not we’re going to take care of her. It is pretty hot in her folks, it’s pretty hot.”

The incident comes a day after Clinton fainted and appeared to suffer a seizure while leaving the 9/11 commemoration in New York City.

While Clinton is receiving medical assistance, Donald Trump is offering it to supporters.

It small gestures like this, and when Trump stayed with Carson at the beginning of the ABC debate when he didn’t hear his name, that really sets him apart from the crooked politicians.

Clinton would have kept on talking. Or coughing.


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