BREAKING: Trump Receives FIRST Endorsements From Sitting Congressmen, This Is HUGE

So far in the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump hasn’t received an endorsement from anybody in Congress, but that just changed. News is coming out of Washington that two sitting members of Congress have come out in support of The Donald, and they’re undoubtedly good endorsements to receive.

House Reps. Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter have both pledged their support for the GOP frontrunner who’s been dominating not only in the polls, but in the last three elections. In fact, last night in Nevada, Trump had a commanding victory with 46 percent of the vote, with his nearest competitor receiving just under 24 percent.

Yeah, he has that big of a lead, and now he’s finally getting the support he needs to wrap up the GOP nomination.

“Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated that he has both the guts and the fortitude to return our nation’s jobs stolen by China, take on our enemies like ISIS, Iran, North Korea and Russia, and most importantly, reestablish the opportunity for our children and grandchildren to attain the American Dream,” Rep. Collins told the Buffalo News. “If we want to get our nation’s economy growing again and deal with the daunting fiscal issues threatening America’s future, it’s time to say no to professional politicians and yes to someone who has created jobs and grown a business.”


Indeed it is. Whether or not Trump is that “someone” remains to be seen. But at least for now, he’s offering us the best hope, which Rep. Hunter agrees with.

“I don’t think Trump wants my endorsement,” Hunter told Politico, “and that’s one reason why I like him.”

Hunter also alluded to Trump having deeper support in Congress than most people think, he just believes they probably don’t want to “come out of the closet.”

“I think you have more Trump supporters in Congress,” added Hunter. “They just have to come out of the closet, so to speak.”


With Hunter being a Marine before he entered into the world of politics, his endorsement is bound to hold some serious weight with those in the military as well as other patriotic Americans wanting to get our country on the right track. Regardless, for both Hunter and Collins to throw their weight behind Trump is a big deal, and it will only help to solidify the already dominating lead he has among other candidates.

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