BREAKING: Trump Releases Plan To Rid U.S. Of Illegals, And Obama’s Going To HATE IT

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Earlier today, the Trump administration announced his plan to fix our nation’s serious issue with illegal immigration, and it’s safe to say his predecessor isn’t going to be happy about it.

The Department of Homeland Security laid out the president’ aggressive plan to enforce current immigration laws, and in it he scaled back Obama’s expansion of people protected from deportation. CNN reports that while for now, the DACA program will remain intact, the new directive expands the federal government’s ability to both empower state and local law enforcement to assist immigration officers while increasing the size and scope of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

More from CNN:

DHS officials told reporters Tuesday that while the guidance memos expand the federal government’s ability to empower state and local law enforcement agencies to perform the functions of immigration officers, no National Guard troops will be deployed to round up immigrants in the US.

Nevertheless, the memos will likely continue to provoke fear in immigrant communities of a vast expansion of the government’s use of its immigration enforcement powers to potentially deport undocumented immigrants who have lived in their communities for years, and may have family members who are legal US residents or citizens.

DHS officials say the policies mostly enforce existing law and won’t lead to an immediate massive round-ups of undocumented immigrants.

The guidance explains how the administration plans to put in place the goals dictated in Trump’s executive orders, including vastly increasing the resources to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, building a wall along the southern border and taking a hard-line position on undocumented immigrants.

So while the president’s executive order remains tied up in the courts, he appears to be moving full-steam ahead on other areas of immigration enforcement, which is refreshing after having a nearly border-less nation for the past eight years.

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