BREAKING: Trump Just Rescued An American Family…But The Reason Obama ABANDONED Them Has Even The DEMOCRATS Pissed Off!


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After Five Long Years This Family Is Free From Their Terrorist’s Shackles

There is some great news coming from Pakistan of all places and it’s leaving President Trump and millions of Americans smiling.  A family of our own is returning home after being held in captivity by the Taliban.  Not only was the president able to secure the release of these four Americans (two of which were young children), but he was able to enlist an unlikely ally in the effort to boot!


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This goes a long way  from former President Obama’s coordination with Pakistan–he was so unable to work with the regime that they were providing a safe haven to Osama Bin Laden!


The family, which is comprised of Joshua Boyle, a Canadian, and his wife Caitlan Coleman, an American, were captured in 2012 just one year after they were married.  Caittlan was pregnant at the time, and her friends assumed that she and her husband were murdered by the Taliban since the terrorist outfit isn’t exactly known for providing a hospitable care for their hostages and the added burden of children certainly didn’t help.  It would be two yearuntil any word was sent on their well-being:

Joshua, his wife Caitlan Coleman, and their infant have been prisoners of the Taliban since 2012. Caitlan was pregnant when they were kidnapped, and their child was born in captivity. For two years, I and some of his other friends assumed they were dead. The Taliban isn’t known for treating their prisoners well. Last year, though, there was a ray of hope. Joshua’s family went public with a video of Joshua & Caitlan that the Taliban sent them a year earlier. They were alive, although they appeared shaken, and Joshua had clearly lost an enormous amount of weight.


Obama Fumbled Their Release Then Chose To Save A Traitor

That’s an interesting tidbit there.  It sounds like not only did she give birth to one son, but that she and her husband were allowed to have another.  In the pictures released by various outlets the couple is seen with two children.  Odd, right? But first a much more important detail needs to be covered: the Obama Administration reportedly gave up on the rescue efforts per the testimony of a Green Beret.

Earlier this summer, an American Green Beret testified to a government committee that he had been assigned to free Taliban-held hostages, but his efforts were stymied by bureaucratic confusion and political squabbling. Based on his testimony, the United States may have given up on Joshua and Caitlan.

Now, it is important to take this all in perspective: Obama chose to rescue Bergdahl instead.

Still, there remains one puzzling aspect of this whole ordeal: the family is refusing transportation out of Pakistan:

The U.S. had a C-130 ready to fly the family out of Pakistan but the husband did not want the transportation, the American officials told NBC News. It was not clear why they rejected the opportunity to immediately leave.

President Trump praised Pakistan for its cooperation in the release.  “Today, they are free. This is a positive moment for our country’s relationship with Pakistan and a sign that it is honoring America’s wishes for it to do more to provide security in the region,” he said in a statement.



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