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President Donald Trump is again time-on-target with the NFL over players kneeling during the national anthem.

Trump said on Twitter Wednesday that “TheNFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem.”

He adds: “Total disrespect for our great country!”

Trump appeared to be responding to the NFL annual fall meeting on Tuesday. The league invited players and representatives from their union to discuss social issues.

The topic of the national anthem was not discussed at length. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said owners did not ask players to commit to standing during the anthem.

Trump has suggested the owners should “fire” any players who knelt during “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“We did not ask for that,” Goodell said at the NFL’s fall meeting at the league’s headquarters in New York. “We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to –- issues to make our communities better. I think we all agree there’s nothing more important than trying to give back to our communities and make them better. That was the entire focus of today.”

Kaepernick was not invited to attend the league’s quarterly meeting Tuesday, where the national anthem policy was discussed. But Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, told ABC News “he absolutely should have been.”

Kaepernick, now a free agent, recently filed a grievance against the NFL, alleging the league’s owners colluded to keep him out of the league because of his protest actions during the national anthem. The grievance alleges the owners “colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice.”

According to Reuters, team owners, union leaders and players met in Manhattan at a hotel where two dozen protesters stood outside. Goodell made no mention of halting protests, instead praising players for their character.

“Today’s discussion … was very productive,” Goodell said. “It reflected our commitment to work together with our players on issues of social justice. Our players are men of great character. They have a very deep understanding … of the issues that are going on in all of our communities and their commitment to addressing these issues is admirable.”

How the hell Goodell can sleep at night with the corruption and lies that he dishes out daily is beyond me.  The anti-American slander that the NFL and it’s crybabies are doing weekly, should be handled to the fullest extent of the law and simply Boycotting the NFL is not enough, shut these clowns down.

Players and teams have reacted differently to Trump’s criticisms. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said last week he would bench any player that took a knee during the anthem. CBS Sports reported Sunday players were frustrated and angry with Jones for becoming the face of the anti-protest side.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross also has said he expects his team’s players to stand for the anthem. The Dolphins enacted a policy this past weekend by their coach, Adam Gase, in which players must stand for the anthem if on the team’s sideline, but have the option to remain in the locker room or in the tunnel leading to the field for the anthem.

“We’re going to do this together as an ownership group and a league with the players,” Lockhart said Tuesday.

The NFL caved to the anti-America clowns and for that, we need to push for BOYCOTTING THE NFL even harder.

(H/T Breitbart)


AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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