Trump Was RIGHT: Look Who Wants To BAN Muslim Immigration NOW… Liberals Are FURIOUS


We never get tired of saying “Donald Trump was right” and that’s a good thing because I have a feeling we will be saying it a hell of a lot more before this battle is finished.

When Trump called for a temporary halt to allow Muslims into the country until fool-proof screening and vetting procedures are in place, he was tarred and feathered by the press and politicians from both parties as being a racist, a lunatic and other wonderful names.

But in reality, what Donald Trump proposes makes perfect sense.

For example, we are seeing refugees committing insane acts of violence in the countries that have opened their arms wide open and welcomed the poor little animals.


New Year’s Eve in Cologne was a rape-fest. Primitive, hateful monkeys released into a civilized society doesn’t work out so well. Rapes, beatings, vandalism, fires, murders and total carnage. Sexual attacks also occurred in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Zurich, Salzburg, Stuttgart, and Dusseldorf.

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Look, being branded as ‘ISLAMOPHOBIC’ by the lunatic left is the price we pay for standing our ground then so be it. I don’t give a sh*t what these mixed up little scumbags say.


Being the first one to propose a ban on Muslims, it seems as if COUNTRIES are doing just that!

As reported by DW:

 Robert Fico said on Thursday that Slovakia would fight against immigration from Muslim countries to prevent attacks like last year’s shootings in Paris and large-scale assaults of women in Germany, which took place on New Year’s Eve.

“We don’t want something like what happened in Germany taking place in Slovakia,” Fico said, adding that the country must “prevent [its] women from being molested in public places.”

 According to reports by local German newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and an online preview of investigations by Sunday paper “Welt am Sonntag,” Cologne authorities have identified some of the perpetrators in the attacks as been Syrian asylum seekers.

In light of the attacks, Fico told reporters that Bratislava would “never make a voluntary decision that would lead to the formation of a unified Muslim community in Slovakia.”

“Multi-culturalism is a fiction. Once you let migrants in, you can face such problems,” Fico said.

Slovakia is a Catholic country of 5.4 million people, who thus far have had next to no experience with immigrants. The country received only 169 asylum requests last year.

Under the European Commission’s plan for mandatory quotas to share out 120,000 asylum seekers among the EU’s 28 member states, Slovakia is being asked to take in 802 migrants. Fico’s government has already filed a lawsuit against the Commission in response to the plans.

And other countries are taking action too:

Similar views have also been heard from neighboring Hungary and Poland. Like Slovakia, the Hungarian government has also challenged mandatory quotas in court, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban repeatedly claiming that the influx of refugees into Europe threatens to undermine the continent’s Christian roots.

The new Polish conservative government has also spoken in favor of stemming migration, saying they cannot repeat the mistakes of other European countries. Warsaw added, however, that it would abide by the previous government’s pledge to accept around 7,000 migrants.

All of a sudden Trump’s plan doesn’t seem so bigoted now, does it? The only difference is that Trump wanted to prevent something like this from happening in the first place, while Slovakia and others waited for it to happen before realizing that it was a dangerous problem.

I say we keep these refugees as far away as possible from America. We didn’t make the sacrifices we’ve made just to have a bunch of Muslim animals come and reap the fruits of our labors. Why should we? Because Obama says so? Give me a fricking break. Obama sucks.

(H/T Allen B. West)


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