BREAKING: President Trump Just RUINED Obama Forever LIVE On National Television… Look What He Did!


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BREAKING: Donald Trump Will Not Certify Iran’s Nuclear Deal, Will Impose HARSH Sanctions On Iran’s Revolutionary Guard


President Donald Trump announced a long-awaited decision regarding the continued certification of the Iran nuclear deal that was crafted by the incompetent Obama Administration.  At this time, the deal will not be re-certified.  He also announced a battery of new sanctions against the Tehran regime which are completely unrelated to the deal and focus on the externally focused militant arm of Iran: the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Speaking at the White House, Trump had this to say:

“So today in recognition of the increasing menace imposed by Iran and after extensive consultation with our allies I am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of destructive actions.  First, we will work with our allies to counter the regimes destabilizing activity and support for terrorist proxies in the region. Second, we will place additional sanctions on the regime to block their financing of terror. Third, we will address the regimes proliferation of missiles and weapons that threaten its neighbors global trade and freedom of navigation.  And finally, we will block the regime from all paths to a nuclear weapon.”

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Three days ago, AFF reported on the increasingly nervous state of Iran’s military leadership and, more specifically, on the threats made against the United States.  The Iranians have been growing worried by the strength displayed by Donald Trump’s leadership that is so starkly contrasted from the timidity of former President Obama.  Here’s what they had to say:


An Iranian armed forces spokesperson warned it may be time to “teach Americans new lessons” if the Trump administration labeled Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. Masoud Jazayeri, an IRGC commander and spokesperson, issued the threat,  Reuters reported.

“It seems the Trump administration understands only swear words, and needs some shocks to understand the new meaning of power in the world,” Jazayeri said, according to ISNA. “The Americans have driven the world crazy by their behavior. It is time to teach them a new lesson.”

The Iranians were particularly concerned with a potential declaration against their beloved Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The Revolutionary Guard is a glorified and extremely well-armed terrorist organization that ostensibly acts to protect the state of Iran but in reality is the clearest externally aggressive force deployed by the regime.  Answering their biggest fears with their worst nightmare, Trump has singled out the Islamic Guard for additional new sanctions.

Iran cannot be trusted to work with America in good faith. ake a recent report from the German intelligence agency that shows they’ve been trying to buy nuclear tech behind our backs.  To clarify, they weren’t trying to buy it in some one-off crazy attempt, a military scientist gone rogue…no! They made 32 separate efforts to acquire this technology.  If weapons in their hands wouldn’t be dangerous, lethal, and catastrophic, this playing innocent game would almost be funny–but it isn’t remotely humorous in this context.

The president is committed to thwarting every effort of terrorists in the region and he is correct to target the state-sponsored entities like the Iranian Revolutionary Guard since they have the largest impact on militant groups. Without the backing of states like Iran, Shia militants will lose precious access to training and armaments.




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