BREAKING: After Trump’s First Press Conference, Rush Limbaugh Drops BOMBSHELL Everybody Missed


For one excruciatingly long hour, President Barack Obama summed up his catastrophic eight years in the White House in his farewell address to the nation. Liberals loved it, of course. But it was all a bunch of camel crap. 

The following morning, the pathetic speech had become so much a part of the past that not one reporter asked President-elect Donald Trump about it during his press conference.


Conservative talk show superstar Rush Limbaugh pointed this out.

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Rush said,


“Poor Barack Obama. You know, I have to mention this.  There was not one question that Trump got about Barack Obama today.  Barack Obama did his farewell address last night, and it’s totally gone. 

Every bit of the oxygen has been sucked up by Donald Trump, even though it was a fake news story. There’s not a syllable being spoken since last night about Barack Obama’s farewell speech. 


In fact, even Gloria Borger of CNN didn’t know it, but she was describing the Limbaugh Theorem as she watched Obama last night.

She made the observation, “You know what?  This guy’s talking like he hasn’t really been in charge of any of this. 

He’s talking about all these great things that happened here like he hasn’t really been responsible for any of it.” She got so close to actually defining the Limbaugh Theorem that it was noteworthy. 

But, man, not a question from the media, “What did you think of Mr. Obama’s farewell speech?” 

Not one. There wasn’t one reference to it whatsoever.  It’s done and forgotten, like pretty much the Obama administration is except for all those aspects of it that have to be repealed and reworked and redone because such a mess has been made.”

Rush hammered Obama’s speech as PATHETIC!

“It was pathetic, this speech last night.  It was one lie after another about all the great things that have happened. The great economy, the great job creation. More job creation in the last eight years than any time in American history. Just full of delusional BS.

And it was filled with the usual liberal platitudes, nothing but struggle out there.  Life in America is nothing but struggle, you gotta continue to try to overcome. Keep organizing, Obama said, keep organizing, grab a clipboard, get your signatures and start protesting, run for office yourself, but the shtruggle, the shtruggle is what defines us and we must continue with the shtruggle.  Just pathetic, folks, the whole thing is pathetic.

These people who constructed lie after lie after lie to make us think that they were taking over the country, that they had become the majority, remain a pathetic minority.  They are now rendered impotent ’cause they don’t know how to deal with somebody like Donald Trump, who just happens to be the epitome of a real person. They haven’t the slightest idea how to deal with him.  His cabinet picks are just sailing through here.  They are doing fantastic jobs.”

LMAO – I love Rush.

And I hate libs.

God Bless.

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