Trump Shocks EVERYONE When He Picks Up a Rifle and Does What NOBODY Expected


It’s no secret that Donald Trump is the choice of all of us Second Amendment supporters and of course the NRA has endorsed him.

But how good of a shot it The Donald? Apparently, he is VERY good.

Taking a short break from the campaign trail, Trump took some time out to do rifle shooting at a gun range at the North Carolina police lodge.

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According to the U.K. Daily Mail, his campaign team wouldn’t release a photo he took with police officers who joined him at the shooting range, and individual officers weren’t allowed to shoot their own pictures with the presidential candidate


“There was no photos done down there. That was kind of like a QT thing,” said Ken Shawyer, a retired assistant police chief of nearby Statesville explained. “We were all kinda like … They didn’t want anybody taking photos or nothing. I don’t know what that’s about.”

Other law enforcement officers confirmed that Trump was dead accurate when he fired off rounds from an M-4 rifle at targets.

“I’ve got to say,” Sheriff Campbell said about Trumps marksmanship, “this man can shoot.”


“I can tell you he shot quite well. He did a good. He is obviously proficient. It showed,” Campbell told afterward.

A local mayor, Ron Wyatt of Troutman said, “He fired several shots. I saw two for-sure bull’s-eyes. At the distance we were, I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more.”


Wilmot Proviso at Conservative Tribune reports that Trump “was uncharacteristically modest about his shooting achievements.”

“We just went down the range and had a little shooting practice,” he told reporters after firing the M-4 rifle.

“The Second Amendment is on the ballot in November,” Trump told an NRA gathering in July. “The only way to save our Second Amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named Donald Trump.”

You can tell that’s not just a campaign promise, either. It’s a deeply personal issue for him, and what he did Thursday shows why.

During his brief remarks, Trump predicted he would clean up among cops – perhaps not losing a single vote from law enforcement.

“I know how well we’re doing with law enforcement. That could be unanimous,” he predicted, two days after he gave a fiery law and order speech in Milwaukee.

“No matter where we go in the country we may get no negative vote,” Trump said.

He also expressed confidence in how he was doing in North Carolina, even as his campaign is going up with ads in a state where Hillary Clinton is leading him.

YES! Trump can shoot baby!


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