Trump SLAMS Obama For Skipping Scalia’s Funeral, “Would Have Gone If It Was Held In A…”


As you know by now, President Obama decided to skip the funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia which has drawn massive criticism from the right. Earlier today, America’s Freedom Fighters reported that the lamestream media says that he is working real hard on going through possible nominees to replace Scalia. I call bulls**t.

One of the most brutal slams to Obama comes from none other that the great Donald Trump! This is CLASSIC DONALD!

In his epic Tweet Trump writes:


“I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go!”


Oh YEAH!!! Smoking hot right there!

Obama has shown time and time again what a pathetic president he is.

He had time to meet with the Black Lives Matter people yesterday.

But he can’t find time to do what any president would do when a Supreme Court Justice passes on. Bush did.

If it was a liberal Justice that passed you can bet that Kenyan would have been there.

Maybe Trump is right. Maybe Obama couldn’t feel comfortable around all the Catholics and Christians.

He would look out of place wearing his Muslim headscarf and carrying his Quran and prayer rug. And Michelle, all decked out in her burqa would have been quite a sight to see as well.

And who would babysit their adopted daughters? I’m sure Valerie Jarrett could find a little time from giving Iran all of our top secret intel to watch the kids. Or maybe John Kerry. Personally, I wouldn’t trust that goon with my son or daughter. Definitely one creepy dude.

Anyways, kudos to Trump for telling it like it is. A mosque… too funny.

God Bless.


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