Trump Supporter Flashes NAZI Salute For Camera, But There’s ONE MAJOR Issue

On Friday night, thousands of fascist leftists descended upon a Donald Trump rally with the intentions of shutting it down, and unfortunately, they were successful. After the smoke began to clear, a Trump supporter posed for the camera flashing the Nazi salute, but there was a major problem nobody’s talking about.

As Trump’s dominance in this election cycle continues to grow, the unrelenting media, accompanied by unhinged leftists, are doing everything they possibly can to defame his character, including trying to pin the blame for last night’s violence on the candidate himself. Another tactic we’ve seen is liberal protesters impersonating Trump supporters to paint them in a negative light, which apparently happened in Chicago.

An alleged supporter of The Donald was seen proudly posing for a reporter while giving a Nazi salute, which strangely falls right in line with the liberal narrative of Trump being like Adolf Hitler.

Check it out:


Trump Supporter Flashes Nazi Salute For Camera, But There’s ONE MAJOR Issue

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Well, come to find out, there was a reason the woman’s actions so closely mirrored what the left has been trying to convince America of – she’s a rabid progressive and die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter. Yeah, just like when black liberals dressed as members of the KKK to defame Trump during a rally, this unhinged idiot thought it would be funny to don full Trump attire and walk around flashing Nazi signs.


Ouch. Looks like that was a tremendous failure, wasn’t it. Sorry, liberals, but no matter what you try to do, the truth will always come out.


But think about what their actions are truly telegraphing to the country – they’re scared to death that someone is about to get into office who won’t be relentlessly pandering to the perpetual victims in our nation. That alone is enough to tell us that Trump is not only the right candidate to go into Washington and clean house, but he’s the right candidate to finally squash the outrage industry.

Now that’s change we can believe in.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]

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