BREAKING: After Suing Trump Over Travel Ban, The TRUTH Comes Out About Hawaii… WTH?!


Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re well aware of the fact that the state of Hawaii sued President Donald Trump over his new executive order restricting immigration from certain countries.

Hawaii argued that the new order would cause “grave injury” to Muslims within its state as well as affect foreign workers and students, and disrupt the state-s tourism-based economy.


“It is damaging Hawaii’s institutions, harming its economy, and eroding Hawaii’s sovereign interests in maintaining the separation between church and state as well as in welcoming persons from all nations around the world into the fabric of its society,” the complaint said.

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In an utterly stunning decision, U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson ruled in Hawaii’s favor, issuing a 46-page ruling a mere two hours after oral arguments ended.


Yeah, his mind was made up well ahead of the ‘hearing.’

Considering the executive order mainly targets the so-called “refugees” that the Islamic State terrorist group promised to infiltrate in order to gain entry into Western nations, you’d think that Hawaii itself was benevolent enough to take them in and give them homes. However, you’d be wrong…dead wrong.


In fact, Hawaii has yet to bring in a single refugee from any of the six countries President Trump included in his executive order.

Fox & Friends discussed the issue this morning:

Isn’t that something? The judge’s decision should be overturned on those grounds alone, let alone the fact that it was the most egregious case of judicial overreach in recent history as it relied on his apparent clairvoyant abilities to see into the minds of the president and his advisers and determine their motives outside of what was written in black and white in front of him.

Regardless, Judge Jeannine is right. President Trump should sign a directive to Homeland Security and have them resettle each and every refugee we take in the judge’s backyard until the issue gets worked out in the Supreme Court, where the president is guaranteed to win.

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