This TRUMP Video Is Going MEGA-VIRAL And When You Watch It, You’ll Know Why

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GOP Presidential front-runner, Donald J. Trump has been in the political spotlight since the first day that he officially announced that he is running for president. Much of the reporting by liberals and so-called conservative sites has been negative. Well, here is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL video that everyone needs to see in order to really understand who Donald Trump is.

The video was released by a Trump supporter group, Defending the USA and has racked up over a MILLION views!

The narration is by Donald Trump and again, this is who the real Donald Trump is.

The video begins with Mr. Trump saying, “The idea of American greatness of our country as the leader of the free and the un-free world has vanished. I’ve decided to do something about it.”

“I couldn’t stand to see what was happening to our great country. This mess calls for leadership in the worst way,” Trump says.

SYNOPSIS – Never mind the lies and distortion of the corrupt Liberal Media. This time, the American People will follow the truth.

Wow! That was absolutely one of the most amazing videos I have seen in a long time.

Donald Trump genuinely LOVES America. You can hear the compassion he has for our country in his words.

You would NEVER hear Barack HUSSEIN Obama spill his heart out with his love for this country. Obama hates America. We are everything he despises.

I’ll tell you, this video sent chills down my spine. It also made me tear up a tad, I admit. OKAY I WAS BAWLING LIKE A BABY!

I love our country and my heart is broken over the direction that Obama and his liberals have taken America.

Donald J. Trump is the right man to take the aggressive steps it will take to heal America.

America’s Freedom Fighters stands strong with Donald Trump. Many conservative news outlets hate Trump but love Ted Cruz.

Look, I’m not going to bash Cruz or Rubio- well, not in this article at least but our name is AFF. And that “A” stands for America, not Canada…

God Bless. 


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