BOOM! New Polling Data Shows That TRUMP Would CRUSH Biden In An Election ‘Do-Over’



We will start by saying that anyone with a brain knows that PRESIDENT TRUMP won the election in November but the freaking election was rigged by the DEEPSTATE.

Nobody in their right mind would have voted for Biden over Trump.

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There is no doubt that there was a sophisticated operation that insured that Biden won.


There is tons of proof that has been dismissed by the Obama appointed judges as ell as the freaking Supreme Court.

After a half a year of Biden these election fraud allegations will hopefully be taken more seriously considering the damage Biden has done to our country in such a short amount of time.

America is in a complete state of chaos and something drastic needs to be done.


The National Sentinel:

But for the sake of political discussion, a new survey found what we knew before last fall: Trump would crush Biden in a do-over.

The Washington Times noted:

U.S. voters may be experiencing buyer’s remorse when it comes to President Biden, according to a newly released poll.

A Rasmussen Reports survey posted Wednesday found that ‘if the next presidential election were held today,’ 37% of likely U.S. voters would support Mr. Biden and 43% would back former President Donald Trump, while 14% would vote for another candidate.

Among voters who say they voted for Biden in last year’s election, 12% now say they regret their vote,’ tweeted Rasmussen. ‘By comparison, only two percent (2%) of Trump voters now regret their vote.’

Crosstabs posted by The National Pulse show that 45% of those polled said they voted for Mr. Biden and 45% backed Mr. Trump, meaning that both political figures have since experienced a dip in support, but Mr. Biden’s decline has been greater.

Who knows whether Trump will run again in 2024 — he should and we hope he does.

But hopefully, if he does he and the Republican Party he’ll represent are smarter about protecting the voting process. 

As it sits now the Republicans are completely useless and are having their asses handed to them by the Socialist Democrats.


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God Bless.

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