BREAKING: Trump’s Latest Move Has Obama FREAKING OUT… Check Out Who Was Just FIRED

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While the election of Donald Trump means tons of jobs for Americans, there are at least 500 people that will be hitting Obama’s unemployment line- and I have to say they deserve it! 

You see, Obama’s White House staffers are getting the boot when President Trump takes over. Poor little babies.


The greener pastures for the outgoing White House staffers is said to likely be the liberal bastions such as New York City or San Francisco, and companies that often cater to millennials such as Amazon, Snapchat, Google, Vice, etc.

CBS News reported:

Hoping to ensure that his staffers find decent jobs, Obama and his team have brought in representatives from Facebook, Instagram and other companies to offer insights into the job market. Officials from LinkedIn are helping White House staffers identify ways to market their skills.

And Georgetown University, not far from the White House, has designed a custom professional development program dubbed “Future44” — Obama is the 44th president — to teach Obama’s political appointees how to position themselves for life after the White House.

For those who have dedicated years to Obama’s mission, often missing out on holidays or family occasions, Trump’s win and his promises to undo most of Obama’s accomplishments were a demoralizing blow. And the fact that Republicans retained control of both the House and Senate means there will be fewer opportunities for Obama-era aides to move into other government jobs here.

Well, you people had a nice run kissing the Kenyan’s a$s but the party’s over! 

 adds that if they’re feeling a little depressed, perhaps President Obama can provide coloring books and Play-Doh for the staffers like the other Leftists across the country have turned to who have fully reverted back to the terrible twos in response to their defeat. That’s in addition to the overgrown, angry toddlers who are engaged in rioting, violence and paid rabble-rousing…


Anywho, good luck to you all — it’s time for the Trump administration to get in and undo the damage you guys did. Oh and Obama has touted the massively misleading unemployment number as if there are plenty of jobs out there (seriously…) so no need to fret right?

Maybe you all should move to Mexico. I hear they are hiring laborers to help build the wall.

Or you can all collect welfare and join your buddies protesting Trump, rioting and shutting down freeways- you know, all the crap that you liberals do.

Frankly, I couldn’t give a sh*t what you do- just get the hell out of our WHITE HOUSE!!!!! 

God Bless. 


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