Trump’s Son Has IRRESISTIBLE Offer For Critics Promising To Leave U.S. If Father Elected

During a Monday appearance on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., spoke with host Ainsley Earhardt about his father’s presidential hopes, and when asked about the critics promising to leave the country should Trump be elected, he made an irresistible offer.

While it’s likely only rhetoric and hyperbole from those promising to leave America, most of us would be ecstatic of the America-hating windbags followed through on what they said, and apparently the Trump brothers agree. After decrying the unfair criticism of their father by far-left ideologues, they said they’d be more than happy to pay their way out of the country.

That’s change we can believe in.


“You know, it’s sad to see,” Eric Trump said of the attacks. “We love our father. He’s an amazing guy — he would do such an unbelievable job for this country. He’s an amazing businessman, he’s an amazing negotiator. He’s funding himself, right?”

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Trump Jr. then noted he believes that his father’s candidacy is going to draw “historic turnout” for the GOP – something that’s already happened in numerous states – because he’s able to pull people from all political spectrums who don’t normally vote. Although, Earhardt pointed out that there’s certain celebrities out there who “don’t think he’s going to make America great,” then showed video clips of some of The Donald’s strongest critics, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton, and Raven Symone, all of whom promised to vacate the country with a Trump presidency.


I’ll buy them their airfare,” Trump Jr. said, laughing. “I’m more than happy to chip in.”

We will too, Junior. In fact, there’s rumors of a GoFundMe being started for that very purpose. We hear that Venezuela is nice this time of year, maybe they should try it?


Anyways, Eric explained that such criticisms are actually “the greatest endorsement ever” for Trump, which is something his brother agrees with.

“Those are endorsements for Trump,” Trump Jr. said. “That’s the thing — when you have the establishment people in the debates, and they stack the debates with a thousand people that are all booing, those are votes for us. Because the people in the audience watching at home are like, ‘Wait a minute — he’s saying what I’m thinking.’ I love that. That’s as good an endorsement as we could possibly get.”

Indeed. The harder that the establishment and moonbat liberals push back against Trump, the more support he seems to get. In fact, a Monday morning CNN poll found that Trump has widened his lead even more among the GOP in national polling, which indicates their relentless smear campaign has done little, if anything to affect The Donald.

We’ll see who this entire fiasco ends up playing out, but one thing is for certain – there’s an angry electorate out there just dying to stick our collective boot up the behinds of Washington elites, and as time goes on, it appears as if Trump is just the person to do so.

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God Bless.


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