Trump’s VP Pick LEAKED…


Donald Trump reportedly has a short list that he is looking at for vice president.

Many have speculated that he may be leaning toward picking a woman, but again that is purely speculation.

Unlike Biden, President Trump chooses who he hires by merit as opposed to simply checking the boxes such as being gay, trans, woman, black or simply a radical leftist scumbag.

One name on Trump’s VP pick that is reportedly at the top of the list is not one most of us would have guessed several months ago because this person was running for Governor at the time.


The woman is extremely intelligent and a huge Trump/MAGA supporter.

Unfortunately the democrats cheated and as a result she lost the race.

The facts show that she actually won but the dems rigged the machines to magically mal function and the victory went to the filthy democrat.

So, this woman had the same thing happen to her that happened to Trump in 2020.


So who is this woman?

Nikki Haley?

Sarah Palin?

Liz Cheney? Just kidding? ?

No folks, it’s none other than the great KARI LAKE from Arizona.

I will say it- I LOVE THAT WOMAN!

Having Lake on the ticket could pave way to gain support from White suburban women Trump needs to beat President Joe Biden in 2024.

Frankly, Biden has been such a catastrophic disaster that in a normal world Trump should win in a landslide but this is not a normal world.

Back To Kari Lake

Lake has a lot to bring to the table.

She shares the same concerns as Trump when it comes to the critical issues our country is facing such as the insane crisis at the border, energy independence, national security just to name a few.

Compare her to Biden’s VP, Kamala Harris- the so called ‘Border Czar.’

Unbelievable. Harris is a completely useless, racist failure.

FOX News reports that Lake is a former television news anchor who unsuccessfully ran for Arizona governor in November against Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Trump endorsed Lake during her 2022 campaign. Lake has likewise backed Trump.

Lake is still fighting the rigged Arizona election results but the odds of her getting any judge to look at the mountains of evidence proving fraud and election meddling are slim to none.

There are reports that Lake may run for Senate.

Still Fighting

“I am 100% dedicated to serving as Arizona governor,” she recently said. “I will also work to make sure President Trump gets back in the White House ASAP. Anything outside of those two goals is nothing but a distraction.”

“Our best days are ahead of us, and it all starts with electing America First candidates all across this country,” Lake added.

One thing for sure- Kari Lake is a fighter and has no fear of the FAKE NEWS.

Personally I think that Lake should be a part of the Trump administration one way or another.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.



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