BREAKING: What Tucker Carlson Just Exposed Puts ALL Americans On HIGH ALERT [MUST SEE VIDEO!]


During his recent appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show” former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made some explosive claims including issuing a grave warning that the Biden administration would do just about anything in order to win a second term in the 2024 presidential election.

Even if that means going to war with Russia.

Carlson predicted that there will be a hot war between the United States and Russia within the next year.

Do we even have enough weapons to fight our own war considering the massive amounts of weapons, ammo and cash we’ve been giving to Ukraine?

Not to mention all the equipment we handed over to the Taliban.

Tucker argued that since Trump has been indicted multiple times, Biden’s re-election chances are doubtful unless he takes some drastic measures such as entering into a war with Russia.

He also said that the upcoming ‘COVID plandemic’ won’t be enough for Biden to gain another term in office, so a military conflict might be seen as necessary by those who want their demented puppet in office.

Of course the DEEP STATE can simply manipulate the election results using the multiple methods that were used in the 2020 election.

The whole process is corrupt as all hell as we witnessed when Biden magically got more votes than Trump in the middle of the night.

This would give them an edge over their opponents (PRESIDENT TRUMP) because they would have assumed powers that would keep them from being indicted if they lose in 2024 elections.

There is some evidence to suggest that when presidents go to war their approval ratings increase significantly (such as Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War election victory).

Carlson seems to think this could be done here too however, it isn’t certain if this kind of “rally around the flag” effect can still work today given how divided American public opinion is right now.

Patriotism isn’t exactly the left’s thing and the only flag libs will rally around is the LGBTQ+, trans flag, BLM flag and the ANTIFA FLAG.

The left burns the American flag and defecates on it.

They are scumbags.

It is more likely then not that Biden will take his “break the glass” option instead and pardon himself or any other members of his administration should they face indictments after losing in 2024 elections.

It remains to be seen whether or not there really will be a hot war between US and Russia but one thing is for sure: it would have catastrophic consequences for both countries due to their large nuclear weapon arsenals.

To avoid such a scenario, according to Carlson, peace must be forced between Ukraine and Russia since only the US has enough power to bring both sides together in a negotiations table.

Frankly, that’s not exactly the case.

Biden, Blinken and the weak and woke administration hasn’t displayed any power and have been cowards when ‘negotiating’ military matters in meetings with our adversaries.

They are a complete joke.

The only thing the Biden admin is good at is throwing billions of dollars around and kissing everyone’s as*es.

China would have a better chance of brokering a deal that would end THEIR FREAKING WAR! .

Biden isn’t exactly feared or respected by our enemies.

Zelenski LOVES Biden and OUR money.

Take a look at this report (below) after finishing this report and you will further understand why the funding to Ukraine must end immediately.


ALERT: STOP THE FUNDING TO UKRAINE NOW! Look What Zelensky Just Bought With YOUR Money


Adam welcomes political commentator and friend Tucker Carlson to the show where we learn that Tucker is grateful to have been fired, as he’s immensely enjoyed the freedom to travel in the interim.

Tucker shares that he regrets supporting the war in Iraq, how the CIA not having adequate oversight is a threat to Democracy, and he bets his house that we’ll go to war with Russia and the devastating consequences to follow.

Tucker succinctly shares how much the media depends on the government and how that influences the news we’re all spoonfed.

Adam also has Tucker go into detail about his interview with Trump, and how Trump’s immediate environments strongly influence what kind of interview he gives.

Tucker also shares some personal insight about Trump as a person vs the politician and businessman.



Adam Carolla


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