Tucker Carlson Just Solved THIS John Fetterman Mystery (VIDEO)


Okay, I don’t know about what you think about one of the most bizarre Democrat candidates I’ve ever seen but Democrat John Fetterman takes the cake.

The dude is a freak and a complete loser- par for the course for a Democrat.

They are all LUNATICS.

Yeah, he recently suffered from a stroke and we wish him the best in his recovery but he is clearly a complete radical far left maniac in my opinion.

He always wears an extremely thick hoodie which I figured he was hiding offensive tattoos that would turn his followers against him.

Like NAZI or WHITE SUPREMACY tats but that may not be the case.

But I could be wrong- maybe there is something more to it and Tucker Carlson just might have the answer.

I mean it’s freaking summertime and the only people wearing hoodies are ANTIFA and thugs as far as I’m aware of.

Anthony Smith at NEWS HOUR FIRST

I don’t know if you have ever been to Pennsylvania in the middle of the summer, but I can assure you it is blistering hot.

It is the kind of heat that feels like a 2×4 smacks you in the face when you walk out the door.

Yet, throughout the summer, John Fetterman wore a hoodie everywhere he went.

I think Tucker Carlson just figured it out.

The Bump

Carlson was clearly goofing during this segment, but he is on to something here.

When Fetterman has his hoodie on, you cannot see the back of his neck.

I am not sure if this is due to his stroke or something else, but Fetterman has a massive lump back there.

Tucker tries to take a bit of a more comedic approach to this, and it is surely one that will have liberals up in a tizzy once they see it…

“Tucker Carlson highlights the large bump on U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman’s (D) neck that has not received very much media attention which comes as questions swirl about his fitness for office following the stroke he suffered.”

But seriously, what the hell is that thing?

If Fetterman has a serious health issue, don’t voters deserve to know about it?

There are already plenty of questions regarding his stroke, and now he looks like the back of his head is about to give birth to an alien!

I am almost waiting for Kuato to pop out like he did in “Total Recall.”?

This dude looks like a freaking THUG.

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