BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops A BOMBSHELL About His Son- It Could Be Bad- Here’s The Video


Tucker Carlson, Fox News and Fox Nation host revealed during an interview with Steve Krakauer on ‘The Fourth Watch Podcast that his son was in the Capitol building on the day of the J6 protest.

Carlson’s son Buckley Carlson, is employed as an aide for Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks, Breaking 911 reports.

“I hated what happened on January 6, you know. One of my kids was actually in the building when it happened. I was on the phone in real time. I’m from Washington. I hate disorder. I hate breaking windows above all else. I just don’t like when people break windows or litter. I’m about order and my house is clean, I really believe in that,” Tucker said.

“So if people covering January 6th had been willing to just roughly tell the truth…but not use it as a partisan instrument to suspend civil liberties, I kinda would’ve just let it lie. Okay, people got all wound up, I get it. Some of them misbehaved, I’m not gonna defend that, but it has been used like so many events throughout history as a pretext for something else. So they lie about what actually happened, they repeat the lie with maximum aggression, and over time, that lie solidifies into the common understanding of what happened.”

As we have reported, the incident on January 6th has consumed Communist/Democrats time with the sole agenda to create anti-white racism as well as continuing their filthy witch hunts against PRESIDENT TRUMP and all of us so called ‘DEPLORABLES.’

There’s proof that the FBI and other DEEP STATE operatives were involved as well as far left radical groups including ANTIFA and instigated the violence that took place.

A Capitol Cop murdered an unarmed Military Veteran named Ashli Babbitt in cold blood for no reason at all but the bastard wasn’t reprimanded or charged with MURDER.

The J-6 political prisoners are unconstitutionally being held in a freaking hell hole known as the D.C. GITMO.

In October of this year, a federal judge openly questioned if J6 protesters are being treated fairly and consistently, considering the relatively light charges that BLM rioters faced last summer.

My friends- our people, who for the most part did NOTHING wrong are being completely abused by the Communist democrat piles of crap.

These bastards are no different than ADOLPH HITLER and MUST be held accountable.

Please pray for these patriots who are enduring this unjust suffering at the hands of these American hating democrat scumbags.

One more year and we will have the House and Senate and the Republicans will need to grow a huge pair of balls and take MASSIVELY aggressive actions to free these patriots and undo the unbelievable damage these Communists have deliberately caused to ruin America.

It’s time to enjoy social media again… without the filthy Communist censorship!

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God Bless.

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