BREAKING: Turkey Just Took MASSIVE Stand Against Obama, Makes THIS Shocking Announcement


Obama foreign policy is a complete failure. The leader of the free world has let the world go to hell. No country fears us. No country actually takes Obama serious. He is the laughing stock of the world. He is an embarrassment, at best.

It seems as if Turkey agrees. In fact, they have all but given up on Obama’s ability to help come up with any kind of strategy to help end the crisis in Syria.

Politico reports that the Russian-American agreement on a partial cease fire in Syria, hailed by President Vladimir Putin as a “real chance” to stop the war, got a wary welcome this week in Turkey, whose government fears that Moscow will exploit the deal and continue with its bombing campaign to redraw the battlefield of Syria in favor of Bashar Assad’s regime.

It’s not only distrust of Russia, which according to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus has completed 8,000 sorties since October, nine-tenths of them directed against the moderate opposition and civilian targets, and only a tenth against the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Adding to doubts about Moscow’s intentions in Syria is the fact that the accord goes into effect on Saturday, more than two weeks after the U.S. and Russia announced there would be a cessation of hostilities. “Apparently the Russians had some things to do on the ground,” said a senior Turkish official.

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And, above all, the skepticism about the cease-fire deal reflects the Turkish ruling establishment’s loss of confidence in Moscow’s negotiating partner in Syria — Washington. Officials in Ankara say they doubt the U.S. has the political will to see that this or any other agreement is upheld.


After nearly five years of watching Washington fumble the Syria crisis, Turkish officials say they are giving up on the Obama administration and will await its successor to craft a strategy for sorting out the Middle East’s expanding conflict.

Wow! How embarrassing.


 at Young Cons has this to say:

Now, granted, folks in the Middle East need to start learning how to sort their own issues out because when we actually do try to help, they never listen and things end up being worse than before, but the fact they’re throwing their hands up about the current administration speaks volumes.

The world has become an even worse mess with Obama at the helm, and the rest of the planet clearly recognizes this fact, much to our shame.

Hopefully the next president will have a better grasp on foreign policy issues and improve our standing on the geopolitical stage to avoid further embarrassments.

Amen my brother. 


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