ALERT: New TV Show Just Went FULL Anti-Trump… It’s Time To Boycott NOW!

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A lame, liberal pile of crap TV show about a mixed up gay liberal dude who is married to a woman resurfaced after 11 years off the air and of course the crappy show spent their whole time trashing our President and our beautiful first lady. 

Yeah, that’s the status quo in Hollywood. Trash Trump but they kissed Obama’s stinking, racist communist ass.

The premiere episode of NBC’s reincarnated “Will & Grace” was essentially a 30-minute anti-Trump infomercial on Thursday night and conservatives have taken notice, Fox reported.

Lovely, eh?

The first episode of “Will & Grace” in 11 years referred to First Lady Melania Trump as a “hostage,” portrayed Midwesterners as people who didn’t eat vegetables until Michelle Obama  came along and featured Debra Messing’s character, Grace, complaining about the results of last year’s presidential election.

Grace has somehow landed a job redecorating the Oval Office because Trump “has been pouting that his office is a real dump.”

 Oh ha ha ha! That’s so funny! NOT!

After a subtle jab that Melania wouldn’t hire anyone for the job who is pretty enough to attract the president, Grace and her assistant headed to the White House, where the show mocked Kellyanne Conway’s infamous couch photo and President Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease.

First of all, Bill Clinton is the President that raped women and got oral sex from an intern in the White House you liberal scumbags.

The couch photo? Oh, I don’t know, how about Benghazi and cop killings by Black Lives?

Grace is told Trump wants his the Oval Office “to look like he’s there from time to time,” another obvious shot.

People magazine even published a list of all the times the show ripped Trump.

Fox News’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and entertainment contributor Michael Tammero said, “I expected some anti-Republican, anti-Trump lines, but I did not expect every single line to be some sort of jab.”

He said that while he was excited about the return of the show, he couldn’t stomach the 30 minutes of Trump bashing and turned it off.

“Fox News’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and entertainment contributor Michael Tammero was “very excited” for the return of “Will & Grace” but didn’t stick with the episode for the entire 30 minutes.”


He said that he can’t predict if the show’s political views will hurt viewership but said, “I think it could… I think it will probably hurt the show. In Hollywood, we’re seeing a lot of people center-right are turning off and tuning out.”

I can guarantee you that I won’t be watching that garbage!

Brian Flood at Fox News went on to say that Conservatives viewers took to Twitter to react, with many noting that they wouldn’t tune in again because they were offended by the show’s politics. One viewer asked, “Why alienate a large part of America?”

Another viewer tweeted that “Will & Grace” used to be a good show but is now simply a “tool for hate,” and dubbed it “Will & Disgrace.”

The Media Research Center’s TV reporter Amelia Hamilton blasted the episode, calling the storyline “a lazy way to take shots at the president for the entire length of the show” and said it was embarrassing.

“Hollywood still hasn’t realized that shows like this do nothing but help Donald Trump,” Hamilton wrote. “When will Hollywood learn that they’re basically running his reelection campaign by doing this?”





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