BREAKING News Out Of Twitter… LOOK Who They JUST Banned!



Twitter is a goldmine if you are a liberal politician. They are biased as all hell and have kept the public from reading the news unless it fits their leftist agenda.


They literally refused to allow any negative bombshells about Biden and his crackhead loser son Hunter.

They blatantly and consistently censor those of us on the right and support our great President DONALD J.TRUMP.

Jack Dorsey is an asshole.

From The National Sentinel:


He’s somewhere between Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin: A Nazi-Communist authoritarian who uses the social media platform he founded and his wealth to blatantly censor and punish true Americans and patriots who are trying to prevent schmucks like him and the Democrat Marxists he serves from completely unraveling our constitutional foundation.

How is he doing this? He hires like-minded Nazi-Communists to prevent users from knowing the truth about the counter-revolution his side is attempting to stage.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano held hearings in Gettysburg to get to the bottom of alleged massive vote fraud and outright election theft by Democrat Marxists.

One witness after another introduced by President Trump’s lead campaign attorney, Rudy Giuliani, dropped one bombshell after another about:

— How electronic ballots were switched and/or added for Joe Biden;

— How GOP poll-watchers were physically prevented from monitoring ballot counting in large Democrat strongholds like Philadelphia;

— How tens of thousands of extra mail-in ballots were ‘found’ for Biden;

— How, statistically, there is no way Joe Biden won Pennsylvania.

And for that, the minions who work for that Nazi-Communist Dorsey banned Mastriano from his campaign Twitter account.


The campaign Twitter account of Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, who organized Wednesday’s election integrity hearing, has been banned.

Senator Mastriano of Pennsylvania’s 33rd District, organized and chaired the hearing in the state’s Senate today on election integrity that featured an appearance by President Donald Trump.

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec was the first to notice that Senator Mastriano’s campaign account had then been banned following the hearing. National File verified that the account @DougMastriano was that of the Senator’s. At the time of writing, there has been no reason given as to why the account was banned from Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a COMMUNIST BITCH. So is ZUCKERBERG.

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They are guilty of election meddling and should be tossed in stinking prison cells.

Alex Jones breaks down the mounting evidence of election fraud perpetrated by the Democrats.

During the hearing, Senator Mastriano had slammed the election chaos, which he said was completely by design. “We move heaven and earth with American dollars to secure elections in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. We can’t do it in our own state?” Mastriano said. “There’s people in Pennsylvania not interested in safe, secure elections.”

Many individuals also testified that they had witnessed what appeared to be severe irregularities with the election. As National File reported:

A GOP vote count observer named Justin Kweder presented a groundbreaking statement in which he alleged that hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were counted without any proper oversight. He explained that it was impossible for observers to see what the workers were doing in any capacity, due to the fact that workers had erected a fence that they were forced to stand behind.

Twitter and Facebook have censored conservatives and supporters of President Trump because “it’s almost as if they’re afraid” that Americans will learn the facts.

During the hearing, Senator Mastriano had slammed the election chaos, which he said was completely by design.

‘We move heaven and earth with American dollars to secure elections in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. We can’t do it in our own state?’ Mastriano said. ‘There’s people in Pennsylvania not interested in safe, secure elections.’

Here’s another sampling of just how many votes were added for Biden:

This is what Jack (ass) Dorsey is trying to suppress. He doesn’t want Americans to know their rightful president was cheated, and thus, our constitutional system was cheated.

Jack Dorsey used our capitalist system and form of government to make billions of dollars. And now he’s trying to tear it down.

We’d say that makes him the problem, not Americans trying to save our nation as founded.

How to fight back?

The best way, for the time being, is to deprive Jack of his billions.

Get off his platform. Abandon him like he abandoned America. Let him wallow in poverty. Or better yet-toss his ass in a cell for meddling in the election.

I’ve been on Facebook for a decade and had one of the largest pro Trump network of pages which we worked 12 to 15 hours a day and spent nearly a half a MILLION dollars only to be harassed on a constant basis and ultimately was kicked off Naziberg’s Nazibook.


I have been off Facebook for over a month after losing nearly 20 to 30 MILLION followers with absolutely no explanation.

I’m done with Facistbook and will soon be kicked off of Twitter and I really don’t care.

These Socialist bastards can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

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God Bless.

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