BREAKING NEWS: Twitter SHUTS DOWN Official Trump Campaign Account After They Posted THIS


Twitter locked the account of @TeamTrump, an official Trump campaign account, citing the same policy it used to ban links to the New York Post’s bombshell story on hitherto unrevealed links between Joe Biden and the Ukrainian gas giant Burisma.

Mike Hahn, a social media manager for Team Trump, revealed the censorship in a tweet earlier today, Breitbart reports.

19 days before the election, Twitter bans Trump Campaigns account because they released and shared the videos calling Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden a “liar” and posting a video about Hunter Biden’s business dealings.


“Twitter has suspended ⁦ TeamTrump for posting a video calling Joe Biden a liar who has been ripping off our country for years, as it relates to the ⁦@nypost ⁩article. 19 days out from the election.”

According to the screenshot Hahn tweeted, the tweet violates the platform’s rules against “posting private information.”


All of the large social media giants have been doing everything they can to disrupt President Trump’s campaign as they ban, delete and block news articles and campaign promotions for Trump.

TeamTrump is the official account of the Trump campaign. It has 2.2 million followers and plays a critical role in disseminating the campaign’s messages on Twitter. The fact that it is unable to post is a major advantage granted by Twitter to the Biden campaign.

This is the latest in a series of brazen actions by Twitter and other big tech companies. Yesterday, Twitter also locked the personal account of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

The democrats will do anything to win the election and prevent President Trump from being in office another 4 years.

“This is election interference, plain and simple. For Twitter to lock the main account of the campaign of the President of the United States is a breathtaking level of political meddling and nothing short of an attempt to rig the election.  Joe Biden’s Silicon Valley pals are aggressively blocking negative news stories about their guy and preventing voters from accessing important information. This is like something from communist China or Cuba, not the United States of America.” ~ Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News.

The social media oligarchs continue to get away with horrific violations and lies because we do not have laws that prevent blatant tampering and censorship in regards to their personal policies.  While it is clearly tampering in an election, they hide behind their policies, use their law firms to “protect” their trashy actions and get away with it.

“This is chilling censorship of a sitting President’s re-election campaign 19 days from an election, plain and simple.  Twitter is interfering in the election and trying to stop the public from learning damning information about the Biden family’s corruption at all cost, but our campaign and our supporters will not be silenced.” ~ Andrew Clark, Trump campaign Rapid Response Director told Fox News.

According to Breitbart’s report. the unprecedented censorship was catalyzed by a scramble to suppress the New York Post’s publication of material indicating that Joe Biden, while Vice President, met with an executive at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas giant for which his son Hunter Biden worked.

All the more reason for American’s to get out and vote however they can.  It is vital to get the truth out to the citizens of our great nation and ensure they vote!


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