BREAKING: These Two GOP Candidates Announced They’re Joining TRUMP’S VETERAN Event TONIGHT!


GOP presidential candidates former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum will be joining Donald Trump at his veterans event in Iowa!


Both men said they would rather attend the event for veterans rather than the primetime GOP debate hosted by Fox News.


Santorum also expressed interest in Trump’s event, saying, “After the debate, I’m not going to be doing anything, so, I guess, if it’s a charitable thing for the troops and he invites other people to come, I certainly would attend to support the troops,” Breitbart reports.

The Trump campaign announced Tuesday their candidate would not be participating in the Fox News debate, due to differences he has with the network, IJReview reports. In a press release, Fox indicated Trump’s main contention with the debate is that Megyn Kelly is one of the moderators. Trump felt Kelly treated him unfairly and unprofessionally during the first debate in August, and has referred to her multiple times this week as “a lightweight reporter.”

The billionaire candidate purposefully scheduled his rally to benefit veterans at the same time the Fox News debate is occurring to hurt the network’s ratings. CNN has indicated it will cover Trump’s event.

Poltico reports that Huckabee, who is due to appear at the undercard Fox News debate, said on CNN that he offered to take Trump’s podium on the main stage at 9 p.m. and when that was rejected, he decided to find something else to do at that time.

He said he wouldn’t do an event with just anybody, but, “I’ll do it with Donald Trump. I respect him, I like him”

He also promised to make a personal contribution to veterans, which he said was not required.

This is great!

Personally I think it would be awesome if Huckabee and Santorum just skipped the debates altogether! Lol, how funny would that be?


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