EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Hypocrisy And Lies On FULL Display- A Tale Of Two Impeachments- Trump Was SCREWED BIGLY!

Since the beginning of the Covid19 scamdemic… COUGH*COUGH* I mean endemic, COUGH*, der Great reset, our politicians have either done great jobs at protecting our liberties and freedoms like Governor DeSantis in Florida. Then there is the ass clown in chief, well no longer in Office thank God, Andrew ‘I like to molest women and kill their grandmas‘ Cuomo.

Calls have been reigning down from both sides of the aisle for former Governor Cuomo to resign and or be impeached for his botched handling of covid19 patients in nursing homes, to him shoving his hands up state troopers shirts to cop a feel of their breasts.



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Pedo dems


This series of unfortunate and tragic events went so far as to kick off the State of New York lawmakers to begin a formal inquiry into the impeachment process of the murdering groper Cuomo. Then the unforeseeable occurred as ole creepy Cuomo called a press conference and stepped down as the all mighty king from the people’s republic of New York State.



With Creepo leaving office, one would think that the impeachment proceedings would still continue on in the state of New York right? I mean, we just absolutely had to do this earlier in the year to former President Donald Trump. The demonrats lead by thousands of dollars worth of Ice Cream Pelosi, and super creepy old guy Schumer pushed the second impeachment of President Trump.




You know how they often say hind sight is twenty twenty right? Well….. The second impeachment was brought to fruition by more demonrat lies then pushed out by their clowns on television who get their daily marching orders to spread fear and panic amongst the sheeple who watch them daily for direction. Yes these folks who are incapable of thinking for themselves, the ones who call you rubes, dumb inbred hillbillies, you know the slander they spew.



These people impeached a non sitting President of the United States of America based on Lies again, from paid for liars, some of these liars being paid with yours and mine tax dollars. Yes these liars and professional conmen/women, all got up in front of the cameras and told the dumb sheeple of America that there was an insurrection, an organized plot by Constitution loving Patriots to over throw the Government. But ladies and gentlemen, we all knew this was a lie.

Now the Federal Bureau of Investigations came out quietly on Friday the 20th of August 2021 and said that their investigations showed “Scant Evidence” of ANY ORGANIZED ATTEMPT to overthrow the Government back on January 6th.


So here we have two cases of impeachment, one for the highest office in the nation, the President of The United States, and the Governor of one of the most popular states in the entire nation, New York State. You might think well, what is good for the goose and also good for the gander as your mother might have told you growing up.

That folks would be wrong, you see, we’re not dealing with a government that is fair, just, and righteous. We are dealing with severely crooked  and morally bankrupt people running our country.

August 13th, the State Of New York announced it would suspend the impeachment process for the no longer in power Creepo… I mean Cuomo. They felt it unnecessary to impeach a person no longer in office. Yes, that’s right, a man who left office shouldn’t be impeached, so sayeth the demonrat assembly in New York State. Gee folks, wasn’t it just several months ago we all said the same thing to our Senators and Congressmen who went to go vote for impeachment against then citizen Donald Trump?

Freaking corrupt garbage.

This country is being run by complete morons.


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God Bless.

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