EPIC! Two Patriotic Kids Get Off Their Bikes To Pay Respects While Riding By Military Veteran’s Funeral (Heart wrenching PICS And VIDS)

Two young boys honor a U.S. veteran during his funeral service in Batesville, Indiana. (Jacqi Hornbach)

Sometimes it takes children to remind adults on right vs. wrong and in today’s society is seems children are facing heart breaking emotional abuse by politicians, people and schools that are hell bent on indoctrinating kids through Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, COVID and vaccinating.


As adults all over the nation are divided and angry, pitting one another against each other over personal beliefs, anti-police, anti-military and anti-America propaganda, two young boys from Indiana have shown by their actions that hope still exists in this Marxist nation.  As Fox News reported,  Two boys in Batesville, Indiana, stopped in their tracks when a funeral procession for a military veteran passed by last week. 

The procession was for 89-year-old Charles Everett Yorn, Jacqi Hornbach, who witnessed the boys paying their respects, told Fox News.

For the two boys, Yorn’s funeral took precedent over their bike ride.

“To see these two young boys immediately stop and pay their respects to a passed serviceman, without any prompting or knowledge of anyone watching, was just so touching to see,” Hornbach said. 

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As taps began to play, “they both stood with arms behind their backs, silently, the entire time,” Honrbach said. 


“It was as if they didn’t even have to discuss it before doing it,” she added. “They knew that’s just what you do when you come across this. It was so natural for them.”

According to Hornbach, who posted about the moment on Facebook, the boys “immediately jumped off” their bikes and “waited patiently for a few minutes.”  

Wearing the uniform used to be viewed as real patriotism, honor, valor, integrity, respect, humility and selflessness.  Now under Marxism by the radical left extremists in office, being a soldier is more about Critical race Theory, destroying masculinity and soy boys who are indoctrinated top do as their masters tell them.

Now before anyone starts losing their minds, it is the damn truth but not all soldiers are willing to take the knee to Marxism but it is the military brass who indoctrinates and destroys.

These men and women who served in wars of the past were men among men!

All one has to do is look around and see how soldiers are treated these days by civilians.  With the national anthem protests, anti-America propaganda and a military controlled by bought and paid for greedy people, it is heart breaking.

Fox News continued, Hornbach said she too felt inclined to stand up after seeing the boys stop and look on.

“They did the gun salute and the boys jumped back in their bikes and went on their way,” she said. 

Hornbach had initially debated on whether to post about the moment online, but eventually decided that with “all the negative things going on” it was needed.

Hornbach said the Batesville community is “very patriotic” to begin with. Moments like this made her realize that “there is so much good left in this world.”

The parents of those boys need to be proud as hell of their sons!

In a time and society where standing up and doing the right thing is spit upon, it is wonderful to see that we still have some who are unafraid to do what is right and show the love of their nation and their soldiers who served!

Take notice Biden, Obama and any of the scumbag democrats who are slaves to these puppets, WE THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE HOPE!

A lot of our nation need to see this and hopefully they will see that children are the hope of free future and it is our sacred duty to ensure that they have a chance a free future.


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