U.S. Marine Posted Bible Verse By Her Desk, Then Obama’s Military Stepped In

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Barack Obama has been fundamentally transforming everything in our nation, including our armed forces. A U.S. Marine posted a Bible verse at her desk, and you won’t believe what happened as a result.

As we watch political correctness infect our nation and effectively stifle free speech at every turn, a startling story of religious freedom in the Marine Corps shows us that absolutely nothing is safe from the cultural Marxists.

Marine Monifa Sterling posted an innocent, yet powerful Bible verse at her desk, and soon after, she was being court-martialed by her branch.

U.S. Marine Posted Bible Verse By Her Desk, Then Obama’s Military Stepped In

The Gateway Pundit has more on this enraging incident:

A federal appeals court on Wednesday weighed the case of a former Marine court-martialed in part for expressing her Christian faith while on the job – though the Marine’s lawyer faced tough questions from judges who suggested she was “thumbing her nose at a superior” with her actions.

Monifa Sterling, while with the Marines, had posted biblical verses at her desk, despite orders from a superior to remove them. At issue in Wednesday’s case is the extent to which a federal law on religious freedom protects members of the Armed Forces like her.

The central issue of free speech on government property, especially within a military context, has made this case closely watched. But several judges hearing the case at a 45-minute oral argument seemed skeptical Sterling had done enough to assert her right to post the messages.

Isn’t that something? Meanwhile, a Sikh Army captain was just given permission to wear his turban and a long beard while still active duty. According to CNN, Capt. Singh is the first active duty soldier to be given such an accommodation.

U.S. Marine Posted Bible Verse By Her Desk, Then Obama’s Military Stepped In

But a Bible verse earns someone a court martial?

Welcome to Obama’s America.

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