UH OH: Cruz Just BETRAYED Supporters With Who He Hired Onto His Campaign, This Is NOT Good

On Tuesday, people across four states voted in the primaries to decide which candidate would get their delegates, and the headlines have all been about Trump winning three out of four. However, hidden by the election results was a story about someone Cruz brought onto his campaign, and it should make any true conservative think again about voting for him.

The Washington Post is reporting that while Jeb Bush has officially dropped out of the race for president, his family is still very much involved. How involved, you ask? Involved enough that Jeb’s brother, Neil Bush, was just hired by Ted Cruz as a part of his finance team.

So much for an anti-establishment candidate, huh?

“We are seeing incredible momentum around our campaign,” Cruz said in a statement. “I am thrilled to welcome these new members to our outstanding team. This race is winnowing down between two candidates, and this is further testament that conservatives are continuing to unite behind this campaign.”


Conservatives, you say? Bush failed miserably because he was the very definition of establishment, who sold us out for globalist ambitions and has allowed the Democrats to control our party’s direction, so what are Cruz supporters to think of him bringing the establishment into his campaign?

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With the way Washington works, I would be leery of this move by Cruz. Why? Well, it’s simple – if the establishment gets behind Cruz, as we see it’s doing, and he wins, then just like with anything else in D.C., he’s going to owe them favors… big favors.


Plus, let’s not forget that Cruz’s wife, Heidi, is a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations and played a role in crafting a CFR document denouncing American sovereignty. That’s not to mention her intimate involvement with Goldman Sachs.

Knowing the history of Cruz and his wife, plus seeing how the establishment is rallying behind his campaign should terrify any red-blooded American trying to change our nation for the better.


As we’ve already seen, he’s willing to do anything to get elected, so why would we ever think he wouldn’t whore himself out to the establishment?

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