BREAKING: Unidentified INVASIVE Species DESTROYING American Farmland….PLAGUE Spreading To This State Next

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American Farmland And Fisheries At Risk Of DEADLY New Plague

Fisheries, farmland, and other agricultural procedures are under a constant assault by a deadly invasive species that is plaguing communities throughout Louisiana and into Mississippi:

The likely cause: a foreign bug that’s sucking the life-giving juices out of the cane. State and university scientists have been trying for weeks to identify the species, thought to be a type of scale or mealybug. As yet there is no plan to eradicate it.

The roseau cane plague is only the latest in the long line of threats to Louisiana’s crumbling coast. Storm surge, rising seas and wetlands canals dug by oil and gas explorers are considered the main culprits, so the state is pushing a $50 billion, 50-year master plan to mitigate further losses.

At the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Management Area on the far south end of the delta, the cane die-off is especially bad. “Of the the 110,000 acres we have there, [the insect] has affected easily 80 percent,” said Vaughan McDonald, a coastal biologist with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The Mississippi River delta is wholly supported by a species of cane called the “Roseau cane.”  Unfortunately, whatever brought these creatures here—there are a number of theories—these insects tend to be targeting the canes that are crucial to the structure of the delta.  As the canes are devoured by the insects, their roots rot out in the soil, and the marsh lands that comprise the Mississippi delta erodes.

There’s no known solution to the problem right now, but lawmakers are finally starting to wake up to the problem and are attempting to work with regulators and industry experts to determine a solution to this natural disaster.

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