BREAKING NEWS: United Kingdom ON SEVERE HIGH ALERT After Top Authority Makes Terrifying Announcement

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Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said the threat of ISIS-linked terror attacks in the UK continues to rise despite heavy military losses for the group in Iraq and Syria which is prompting officials to be on HIGH ALERT.

Six plots have been thwarted in the last four months alone and she expects the figure to rise, Independent reports.

“Since March this year, the tempo has changed,” she said listing the “ghastly” attacks that left 36 people dead and 200 injured in Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury Park.

“Progress on the ground in Syria and Iraq does not necessarily translate into a reduction in threat here.”

Her caution came after triumphant statements from Government ministers following Iraqi forces’ victory over Isis in Mosul.

Sir Michael Fallon, the Defense Secretary, welcomed the jihadis’ “defeat in a city that was ground zero for their so-called caliphate”, while Theresa May commended the bravery and sacrifice of Iraqi forces but conceded Isis’ ideology “defeated through military intervention alone”.

Ms Dick said 13 lethal terror plots were foiled from June 2013 to March this year, amid increasing numbers of arrests seeing 340 suspects detained in the past two years.

“We must not deny the scale of this challenge,” she added, saying MI5 is monitoring 3,000 individuals across the UK who are assessed as posing the biggest threat.

There are 20,000 other former subjects whose risk remains subject to review and the number is expected to rise, as the national terror alert level remains at “severe”.

Khalid Masood, who launched the Westminster attack, and London Bridge ringleader Khuram Butt are among the terrorists who were known to authorities but not judged to be an imminent risk.

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