BREAKING: United Nations Just Got BUSTED In MASSIVE Scandal


Sodium cyanide can be used to make chemical weapons, including cyanide gas.


Shipments of the chemical to North Korea are banned under U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution 1718, adopted in 2006.

In February, North Korea was linked to the fatal poisoning of the older half-brother of Kim Jong Un at a Malaysian airport.

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The chemical used in the attack may have been VX, a deadly chemical that can be used as a nerve agent.




For over a year, a United Nations agency in Geneva has been helping North Korea prepare an international patent application for production of sodium cyanide — a chemical used to make the nerve gas Tabun — which has been on a list of materials banned from shipment to that country by the U.N. Security Council since 2006!

Fox News reported Monday the World Intellectual Property Organization had declared the North Korean application fit “to apply for and be granted a patent.”


WIPO offers a variety of services including financially meaningful help, research on patent overlaps, and stimulating demand for any patents.

But a contact at WIPO also told Fox, “WIPO is not a patent-granting authority. Its role in handling these applications is to ensure that they conform to the procedural requirements” of the 152-member Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT.

The United States sends $8 billion to the United Nations each year. The claim is that the funding helps with humanitarian projects, but clearly it has it’s own agenda.

In 2012, Fox News reported that WIPO had shipped U.S.-made computers and sophisticated computer servers to North Korea, and also to Iran, without informing sanctions committee officials.

The report kicked off an uproar, but after a lengthy investigation, the U.N. sanctions committee decided that the world organization’s porous restrictions had not been violated, while also noting WIPO’s defense that as an international organization, it was not subject to the rules aimed at its own member states.

The WIPO has a history of corruption by the board members, which seems to only care about their own personal greed and gain.


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