BREAKING: University Professor INVOLVED In DISGUSTING Hollywood-Linked Sex Scandal…’She Sold Me To Polanski’


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How A Professor Sold Her 10 Year Old Daughter To Roman Polanski… From The Daughter’s Own Words

Marianne Bernard says that her mother,  professor at the University of Pepperdine, pawned her off to the infamous Hollywood pedophile in order to get funding for her pursuit of a PhD.

According to Bernard, her mother, Professor Diana Hiatt-Michael, arranged for the meeting between the young girl and Roman Polanski.  Marianne was just 10 years old at the time and says that Polanski took photos of her naked and in a fur coat on a beach in Malibu.

 took photos of me naked & in fur coat on beach in Malibu, I was 10 yrs old. He went on from there. This ends now 

Bernard indicates that her deceased father apologized to her in 1995. “He was very broken. I have totally forgiven him,” she tweeted.  Still, she does not forgive her mother who she says was abusive to both her brother and herself up until the last time she saw her: three years ago at her brother’s funeral.  Pretty disgusting behavior from someone that specializes in Child Development.

Professor Hiatt-Michael’s personal information is still available through archival caches:

Dr. Diana Hiatt-Michael, Professor of Education, has been with Pepperdine over 25 years. She is a tenured professor and researcher in the areas of curriculum, instruction, adult learning, and family, school, community partnerships. She serves as Chair, AERA-SIG Family, School, Community Partnerships, past President of California Professors in Early Childhood Education and Child Development, Past Chair of American Educational Research Association’s SIG-Religion and Education, and active in the Professors of Curriculum and the International Scholars in School, Community, Family, and Children’s Learning. She has chaired over 50 doctoral dissertations for the Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership.

“My mom always blamed me and called me ‘little Lolita,‘ she continued. She says that her mother facilitated the abuse of other men and even her own father who sexually used her.  She didn’t speak out because she was afraid that no one would believe her.  According to Bernard, this is how the Hollywood, Malibu and entertainment industry operates.  Still, she indicates that her mother must be trying to repent for her behavior, citing an endowed scholarship fund in her mother’s name at Perpperdine where her she is currently and adjunct professor.

Bernard was replying to a tweet from actor Griffin O’Neal who posted a photo to Twitter showing his father and Roman Polanski having dinner in the 1970s.  “Here’s something creepy,” O’Neal wrote. “My dad with Roman Polanski in the 70s.”  O’Neal included this picture in the tweet:

For those curious, here is some background information from Marianne Bernard’s bio:

Marianne grew up in Malibu, riding the waves and horseback riding which nurtured her close connection to and love of the ocean and nature. She attended Idyllwild Arts Academy where she was taught by artist Francoise Gilot, the muse and mistress of Picasso. Marianne Barnard (M) received her Bachelor of Arts, Fine and Studio Arts, from Pepperdine University.

Her art comes from a deep place within her psyche expressing both personal and social issues.

These are victims of a terrible industry. An industry that was fueled by the exploitation of the innocent. Do not let their stories go untold and unlearned from.



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