UNREAL: Trump Supporter Takes 2-Year-Old Son Fishing, Unhinged Liberals Do The UNTHINKABLE


This election did more than save the nation from certain ruin under another eight years of Democrat rule, it exposed the left for the unhinged lunatics they really are.

Of course, it’s not all liberals or Hillary supporters who are coming unglued, and it would be unfair to assume it is. However, those who have are causing some really serious problems.

Take California resident Hao Lee, a Trump supporter who placed two bumper stickers on his truck in support of his candidate. Lee took his two-year-old son fishing in Sacramento, and what happened next isn’t only sickening, it’s absolutely disturbing.

Lee was about 50 yards away from his truck when he heard someone yell “F-ck Trump!” then heard glass shattering. Concerned for his safety, Lee stayed by the water with his son and called police, but by the time he got back to his truck it was too late.

The Washington Times has more:

“About a couple hours into fishing I heard someone yelling out ‘F’ Trump,” Mr. Lee told a local Fox affiliate. “After that I heard glass breaking, I called 911 and a couple of minutes later I saw smoke.”

A reporter for the station asked if gasoline or a Molotov cocktail was used, but the father said he did not want to approach the individual.

“I didn’t think anyone would do this kind of stuff over bumper stickers. It’s not right,” Mr. Lee said.

UNREAL: Trump Supporter Takes 2 Y/O/ Son Fishing, Unhinged Liberals Do The UNTHINKABLE

No, it’s not right. Lee’s truck was completely torched and declared a total loss.

It’s unknown if the suspects were apprehended; however, when and if they are they need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


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