BREAKING: Leftists Do The UNTHINKABLE To LINCOLN Memorial In Chicago, Trump RIGHT AGAIN!

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President Trump predicted that the argument over Confederate memorials would eventually include presidents of the past, and he was right.

Not even a day after he called out the media for their lies about Charlottesville did leftists take to the streets to go after various monuments, including one built for President Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves.

In what’s becoming an all too common occurrence, outraged leftists vandalized the statue of Lincoln in the Englewood neighborhood outside of Chicago, the Washington Times reported.

Alderman Raymond Lopez took to Facebook to decry the egregious act of vandalism.

“What an absolute disgraceful act of vandalism. This bust of Abraham Lincoln, erected by Phil Bloomquist on August 31, 1926, was damaged & burned.

Near 69th & Wolcott, if anyone has any information regarding this act, please contact the police or my office immediately.”

What an absolute disgraceful act of vandalism. This bust of Abraham Lincoln, erected by Phil Bloomquist on August 31,…

Nai-post ni Alderman Raymond Lopez – 15th Ward noong Miyerkules, Agosto 16, 2017


More from the Times:

“F- Abe Lincoln,” responded Quintin Mitchell, whose comment was “liked” or deemed “funny” by 160 others.

The official’s finding came just one day after President Trump stated opposition to tearing down memorials related to America’s past with slavery.

“I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” Mr. Trump asked reporters on Tuesday while addressing violence in Virginia.

So once again, the President was right on the money.

As this reporter has previously stated, this entire argument isn’t about the Confederacy, it’s about controlling a narrative and undermining our republic. Those responsible couldn’t care less about the statues, what they’re trying to do is make the case that the nation was built upon white supremacy, and they’re doing so by exploiting the slavery era for their own gain.

Reprehensible doesn’t even begin to describe these morally-corrupt cretins.

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