URGENT: Obama’s ATF Reclassifies Another Ammo As Illegal… Begins Confiscation #2A #NRA



The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is up to no good again. Do you remember a while back when the ATF tried to ban M855 ammo by ‘re-classifying’ it as ‘armor’ piercing? I sure do, I immediately placed my order to make sure I got more before there was none!



Now Obama’s ATF are targeting parachute flares and 40mm chalk practice rounds. Why? It’s just another way to restrict us. To control us. To manipulate and harass us.

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Nick Leghorn at The TRUTH About GUNS reports:


A thread on ARFCOM started it all, with the OP stating that they had been contacted by the ATF to turn in their recently purchased flare rounds. It is worth noting that these rounds had been previously classified by the ATF as non-explosives, but in this world of ever-changing definitions it seems that they have reversed themselves on that take.

The logic they use to support their move (presented in a letter here and here) is that because the 40mm rounds in question are not “small arms” ammunition, the ATF can classify them as “low explosives” while having no explosive properties whatsoever. This is also, of course, applicable to any ammunition with a diameter larger than 1/2 inch. That means firearms registered as a “destructive device” may soon have their own love note from the ATF classifying every round of ammo as a dangerous explosive that needs to be confiscated for the good of all humanity.

This is Obama’s latest attempt to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights by going around congress and changing laws by ‘re-classifying’ ammo. What’s next? .22 ammo? LMAO it’s ridiculous! The ATF takes orders from Obama, make no mistake about it. Obama is hell bent on ‘gun control’ and he has another year to get it done. We have big news for the gun grabbing commies out there. YOU DON’T STAND A CHANCE! Your days are numbered and Patriots will take charge of Washington and get this country back on track.

Undoing all the damage that Obama has caused will take years. Electing competent America loving officials is where we have to start. AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS vows to do our best to keep you accurately informed on the issues and where the candidates stand.

First we need to get the Lefties out of power before they totally take away our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones!


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  1. Mattthew Faulhaber says:

    Last time I checked the sacred second amendment, there was no mention whatsoever regarding ammunition. That’s because people made their ammo when it was written. That means the Feds shouldn’t restrict the guns, but have every legal right to restrict the ammunition. I hear wailing in the back about the sacred second amendment didn’t account for technological changes regarding the manufacturing of ammunition. Hey, if you cannot use the argument about technology to control the guns, don’t use it regarding the bullets.

  2. Robert Mull says:

    People should start stock piling reloading parts. Like gun powder primers bullets and brass and if you do shoot pick up the brass, In-fact you can buy once only fired brass online. It seems to me they want to make sure we are disarmed so they can finish us off I know I took an oath and I will not go down without a fight and I know I am not alone. So little commies come for them and see what happens….

  3. Thomas Mandell says:

    Y’all know that the 40mm GL is classified as a destructive device right??? Soooo yes Barf And Tearing Farts is gonna be watching the ammo for that closely.

  4. Actor down says:

    When one of the actors gets shot b a real bullet – well he better act fast.

  5. Travis Smith says:

    Keep your mitts off our guns and ammo

    • flintlock1949 says:

      Easy to say; but harder to do as the Liberal gun haters gain power! And with them in control of the education system, we stand a chance of being the final generations to enjoy the 2nd amendment – and perhaps many other things we consider ours by enumerated rights! The gun haters have virtually every other Country in the world to, migrate to to get away from our “gun culture! WE have nowhere but here! The founders tossed out those who disagreed; perhaps we should emulate them – before it is done to us!

  6. luminaughty says:

    Ammo with a bullet diameter over 1/2″ ? What would a 12 gauge slug be considered?

  7. flintlock1949 says:

    “Need Lefties out of power”? Yes! And we also need them living somewhere else than in or Republic! Talk about Islam being not consistent with the ideals of our Constitution and our Republic! Muslims we can deal with – if we will! What do we do about our neighbors who want to see what WE believe put in the trash can of history so THEY can experience a Liberal Socialist paradise – and who don’t seem to care what it takes to get it done!?

  8. I truly don’t believe my friends and family in the Armed Forces will kill citizens….and if they do…there will be plenty of guns and ammo lying around…

  9. Hold onto your weapons you will need them.

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