URGENT: Popular American Magazine Just Made SICK Move Against Conservatives… It’s Time To BOYCOTT NOW

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The black magazine known as Essence announced Monday in their May “100 Woke Women” issue they intend to honors the Pussy hat wearing, Shariah Law supporting, Pro Female Genital Mutilation supporting Linda Sarsour as one of its feminist so-called “woke” women.

It seems the only thing they got right is that she IS indeed a woman.

This is a woman that once took to social media to publicly attack a woman that was a victim of female genital mutilation, telling her she didn’t deserve to be a woman and she wished she could “take away her vagina.”

“Brigitte Gabriel = Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away- they don’t deserve to be women,” Sarsour tweeted out in 2011.

All three of the women fled war-torn countries was refugees.  However, it seems the women have radically different outlooks on how they have chosen to respond to the opportunities they have been granted in America.


Brigitte Gabriel is the founder of ACT for America and she routinely speaks out against radical Islamic terror. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who founded the AHA Foundation, was a victim of female genital mutilation.

Both women actively speak out against the radical Islam that they fled, yet for some unknown reason Sarsour is an honored feminist in America and considered “woke.”  She is allowed to publicly attacked the victims of horrific crimes, crimes that are outlaws by international treaties worldwide, and this sorry excuse for humanity is lauded as the epitome of feminism.

Sarsour who lauds herself as a feminist voice and is considered “woke” by Essence once tweeted of how wonderful Saudi Arabia was simply because they have a paid maternity leave program –


Linda-Sarsour-Tweet-Saudi-Maternity-Leave-2016Sarsour dismisses the fact that women in Saudi Arabia are treated as second-class citizens who are unable to drive, interact with men, and dress as they please as inconsequential.  Saudi women were recently just given an upgrade in status, going from object to mammal — this means that rather than being treated much like a home appliance a woman has a shared legal status now more in line with a beloved pet in Saudi Arabia.

THIS is what so-called “woke” feminist Linda Sarsour supports?

What Essence magazine promotes as WOKE?

God Bless.

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