URGENT: President Obama Is Going To End The 4th Of July As We Know It… SPREAD THIS



It seems as if Obama wants to destroy anything and everything American. Our traditions, holidays, flags, religion and the list goes on!

We previously reported on the EPA wanting to take away our rights to BBQ. Too much smoke…

Bonfires at the beaches here in California were part of life at the beach back in the day. We surfed all day, laid on the beach and watched the sunset. Then we had major bonfires and it was wonderful! That is a thing of the past for a majority of beaches here thanks to liberals.

Now, the EPA will be attacking fireworks. What’s the 4th of July without fireworks? Families get together and watch these spectacular fireworks shows and celebrate our independence. The feeling of patriotism and pride for our country is overwhelming! But, this too might just be a thing of the past if Obama gets his way.

Drew Johnson at The Daily Caller reports:

Enjoy Independence Day while you still can. If President Obama gets his way, this could be the last Fourth of July worth celebrating.

New ground-level ozone standards being pushed by Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency would result in widespread bans on fireworks shows, backyard grilling and other Independence Day traditions.

Because the proposed ozone rule is set so low, things as harmless as a few backyard chefs grilling burgers in the same area at the same time, or even festive fireworks being launched during an Independence Day celebration, could cause an area to violate federal ozone standard thresholds. Such a violation of the EPA’s unreasonably low ozone limit would result in fines and other penalties for local governments from federal regulators.

In an attempt to steer clear of punishment, local lawmakers will have to respond to the new EPA rules by enacting municipal grilling bans and canceling fireworks shows from sea to shining sea.

Well, I for one will be BBQ’ING and doing whatever the hell I want and they can all kiss my a** LOL!


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